Happy Tails: Our Success Stories

From time to time, adopters (or their LRR dogs!) will send us stories and photos of their new lives together. We love hearing from you and are delighted to share these stories here on our web site.



It’s been awhile since we’ve written so we thought that we’d give you an update on Keebler. Last month we celebrated our fourth anniversary with Keebler. We spent the morning of July 4th with our traditional 4th of July early morning walk through the woods. Now that Keebler is getting older, we don’t go as far as we used to but the big guy still enjoys getting out. Every Sunday, we drive to a park in Virginia Beach near the North Carolina border and walk along the Northwest River. Keebler loves it there.

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We hope you’ll enjoy these pictures of our boy (Albie) having fun this weekend. He loves the pool but he does make it very difficult to swim laps as he swims around me in circles. It’s been almost two months and he’s settled in really well. As long as he gets to play, eat and get love (not necessarily in that order) he’s a happy boy!

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Tucker 1


Hi all my lab friends. Just wanted to drop you a line to give you an update. I’ve been in my forever home for almost 2 months now. Boy do I love it here! I settled in just like I had been here forever. My mom says she can’t believe how well I settled in. It’s like we were made for one another. I’m sure glad she found me or I found her. Anyway, I do know I stole her heart and that’s good enough for me.

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You may remember my story from earlier this year. My previous owners dropped me off at the shelter cause they didn’t want me anymore. It wasn’t my fault that I kept climbing over their fence; I was bored and they didn’t pay attention to me so I went looking for entertainment. Well, LRR fell in love so I decided to go with them until I found my forever home.

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Tioga (formerly Herbie)

We wanted to let you know that Herbie/Tioga had his vet visit this morning, and checked out just fine. We are absolutely loving him. He is just so sweet-natured, and easy to get along with. He really is quite well-trained and obedient. He pulls every now and then on the leash, which we’ve been working on, and it seems like he has improved a lot in just 3 days!

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2007 11 24 3

Roxy (formerly Roxie)

I adopted Roxy (formerly Roxie) from LRR in the spring of 2003. Thought you would like to see how happy she is in her new life. So much has happened in the last few years. Here is a quick update:

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Emma (formerly Terry)

I wanted to send a quick silly story about Emma to brighten your day. Actually, I’m thinking of renaming her Emmoose, in deference to her sophistication and dainty behavior (my neighbor says her name must have been Terror, not Terry!).

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Tara (formerly Farrah)

I wanted to send a quick update on my new life with my wonderful family. I am very happy in my new home with my Mommy, Poppy, and my 4-legged brother Cozmo, who looks a lot like me. I have two 2-legged brothers who come to visit; one is away at college and the other lives in Indiana. My grandmom loves me very much and I am looking forward to meeting my uncle and aunt when they come in September for the NASCAR race.

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Baci 002

Baci (formerly Porgy)

I have been very busy for the past eight months which is just the way I like it. My Mom, Dad and I are adjusting very well to each other. I have been making lots of doggie and of course human friends in the neighborhood as well.

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Daisy 1

Daisy (formerly Jolie)

Greetings from Daisy (formerly Jolie)! I should have written earlier but I’ve just been soooo busy. I LOVE my forever home. My mom, dad and human sister have said they feel like I have been with them forever. I settled into my new home in August and felt right at home. Since them I have graduated “summa cum doggie” from beginner obedience class. The teacher said I was the best in class and often used me as an example! My family was so proud! My mom wants me to be a therapy dog some day, but right now I still get sooooo excited when I greet people. Maybe in time…

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Birdie 1


I’ve been remiss for over a year in writing to thank you and everyone at LRR for bringing Birdie into my life. She’s doing great! It feels like we’ve been family forever. As you may recall, she’s a sweet, loveable, well-behaved girl, who LOVES being with her people. What you may not know about Birdie is she’s an incredible athlete too.

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Jordan 1

Jordi (formerly Jordan)

I just love my new home, everyone gives me so much love and attention, with hugs and kisses. Of course I show them lots of attention back. They keep telling me what a well behaved sweet girl I am. I also protect them, when someone knocks on the door or walks up the drive way I alert them with lots of barking and growling… but I soon settle down and welcome the visitors.

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My new mom told me that we should write my “Happy Tails Story” for LRR, so here goes:

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Summer sam


It’s been a little over a month since I found my new mom, so I thought I would let LRR know how I am doing. I am pretty fortunate, because my new mom only works 3 ½ days during the week, so I get to spend a lot of time with her. My mom’s cousin, who my mom and I live with, also adopted Samantha from LRR, so I also have a sister to hang out and play with. From the first day I came to my new home, I just knew it was my “forever home”. I have not had any seizures or accidents, and I am as happy as can be. Every time people from LRR see me, they tell me how at peace I look. I don’t have a sad face anymore. I love my mom, sister and my aunt.

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Tequila (formerly Rita)

This month is our one year anniversary of Tequila’s adoption (formerly Rita) and in some ways it seems like just yesterday but in other ways it feels like we’ve had her forever. We changed Tequila’s name because Rita didn’t appropriately reflect her wacky personality.

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Cole symball 1

Cole (formerly Symball)

Things are going quite well. Small things that Cole is doing (or not doing!) indicate to me that he is really starting to gain a sense of security, ie., he does not HAVE to follow me from room to room while I am trying to get something done; he is not barking or whining when we put him in his crate in the morning. I believe he is finally starting to realize that we WILL return if we leave him, even if we are only moving ten feet away!

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