Happy Tails for Daisy (formerly Jolie)

April 30, 2007

Dear LRR Friends,

Greetings from Daisy (formerly Jolie)! I should have written earlier but I’ve just been soooo busy. I LOVE my forever home. My mom, dad and human sister have said they feel like I have been with them forever. I settled into my new home in August and felt right at home. Since them I have graduated “summa cum doggie” from beginner obedience class. The teacher said I was the best in class and often used me as an example! My family was so proud! My mom wants me to be a therapy dog some day, but right now I still get sooooo excited when I greet people. Maybe in time…

For those of you who remember me, I still greet everyone with at least one toy in my mouth. On special days I do a TTG. This is a triple toy greeting. My family is continually amazed how I can get all of those toys in my mouth. I still love retrieving but am just as happy snuggling on the couch with my people. My favorite place to sleep at night is between my mom and dad. Usually there are a couple of cats in there too, but more about that later. I really love to go into my sister’s room, but she usually keeps the door closed. Sometimes, tho’ I like to go up when she goes to bed and listen to the bedtime story.

The only one drawback in my forever home is that my feline brother Lukie sometimes pounces on me for no apparent reason. He can be rubbing up against me one minute and then WHAM, he grabs my butt. Usually I jump into the nearest lap and curl up in a ball. This is not always welcomed by my family because I am now 76 pounds of big beautiful girl. My family says I should I growl at him when he bugs me, but I’m a lover not a fighter. I love hanging out with my sister—especially when she has friends over.

Thank you, LRR for giving me a second chance. If it hadn’t been for you, I never would have ended up with my forever family. I am sooooo happy.


Daisy 1

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