Our Dogs

LRR Labs usually come to us through animal shelters, SPCAs and other Humane Society Organizations. In a limited number of cases we will accept dogs from families that can no longer care for their dogs. Rescued Labs make wonderful pets and adjust well to their new families.

LRR Alumni

Once an LRR dog is adopted into its new “forever home”, his or her story is moved to our alumni dog list. Take a look at all the happy Labs who have moved on to wonderful lives with their new familes!

Loyal Order of Labradors™

The LOL program was created to recognize and provide assistance to our Alumni dogs that are now seven or more years old. Here you will find pictures and stories of many of the dogs LRR adopted out years ago, and are now enjoying their “doggie retirement” years.

Happy Tails

From time to time, adopters (or their LRR dogs!) will send us stories and photos of their new lives together. We love hearing from you and are delighted to share these stories here on our web site.

Canine Good Citizens

LRR is very proud of the success of the Labs and their handlers who attempted the Canine Good Citizen evaluations at our annual picnics. See the dogs who were CGC certified at our picnics from 2005 through 2013.

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