Happy Tails: Our Success Stories

From time to time, adopters (or their LRR dogs!) will send us stories and photos of their new lives together. We love hearing from you and are delighted to share these stories here on our web site.



Hi to all my friends at LRR! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in, so I thought I would let you know how I’m doing.

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We have had Reilly now for almost a month and she has made tremendous progress! She has made a wonderful addition to our family and has become Jake’s (the black lab) best friend. A little story of her adventures so far follow…

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Champy (formerly Champ)

Champy has been great. When we first got him we were going to try to change his name to Manny but when he wouldn’t respond we figured it would be easier for everyone to stick with Champy. It took less than a week for Champ and our two cats (Coal & Ashley) to get used to each other, a new record.

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Winston (formerly Winston)

Just wanted to give you an update on Winston. I’ve been meaning to write but just never got around to it. Winston continues to be a delight and the love of our lives. He has brought such joy to our lives since losing our previous 3 chocolate labs.

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Frankie came to LRR when he was just six months old. He and his littermates had been in a shelter for several months. In the shelter he was only fed once a day, and not enough food for a growing puppy, so he had a voracious appetite and was underweight. After feeding him his regular ration three times a day instead of one, he started to put on some weight and slow down his eating. As a very cute and cuddly dog, it wasn’t hard to find a new permanent home for him. This follow-up from his new family says it all:

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Huey sm


Huey first came to LRR as part of a duo. He and his brother Earl were 14 months old with each over 100 pounds of loveable labby. They had been well cared for pets and only came to LRR when family problems could not be overcome.

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