Happy Tails for Roxy (formerly Roxie)

November 24, 2007

I adopted Roxy (formerly Roxie) from LRR in the spring of 2003. Thought you would like to see how happy she is in her new life. So much has happened in the last few years. Here is a quick update:

After Roxy left LRR, she was renamed “Roxy Laverne”. She lived with me in historic Annapolis. Each day we would set out on adventures and meet new dogs and people. She is a very, very special little dog, she helped introduce me to my future husband.

We were out walking at the US Naval Academy field one Saturday and Roxy “introduced” herself to a golden retriever named Jackson. As the dogs played, Jackson’s dad introduced himself to me. We were married 10 months later. Roxy now has two brothers- one canine and one human who just turned one. Roxy lived in Hawaii for 2 years and now has moved back to her old home in Annapolis.

She is very loved, sleeps on the bed and the sofa. Eats the crumbs and food her brother drops from the highchair, loves her walks, loves to chase squirrels and is so happy. Her tail has long since healed and she is in excellent health. Roxy is very protective of her brother and loves to wake him up anytime he is asleep by shaking her collar next to his crib. Not a day goes by that I wonder who really ‘rescued’ whom. She is a blessing in my life :)

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2007 11 24 2
2007 11 24 1

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