Happy Tails for Jordi (formerly Jordan)

February 19, 2007

Dear LRR,

I just love my new home, everyone gives me so much love and attention, with hugs and kisses. Of course I show them lots of attention back. They keep telling me what a well behaved sweet girl I am. I also protect them, when someone knocks on the door or walks up the drive way I alert them with lots of barking and growling… but I soon settle down and welcome the visitors.

My yard is big, there are lots of squirrels to chase up the trees, this is my favorite thing to do when I am outside. The neighbors behind us have 3 doggies, they are my friends but they have to stay outside a lot but not me, because I think I am somewhat spoiled. I love it inside my comfy, cosy home.

I have 3 cosy beds throughout the house but my favorite spot is cuddling on the sofa with my mom and dad.

My dad takes me for long rides in his car. All he has to do is put on shoes, a coat and raddle his keys and I am ready to go, practically bouncing off the walls…but once I am in the car I am quiet and relaxed.

We all take long walks throughout the neighborhood, sometimes I see other furry friends but my mom complements me because I am so well behaved on a leash, and I am so good answering commands.

My ears are all better and my paws are looking better too. My new parents are always fussing over me and attending to these issues. I just love my new home and I enjoy every minute of their tender loving are.

Jordan 1

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