Happy Tails for Zeke

October 21, 2009

Zeke has been a happy part of our family for 4 ½ years – we adopted him in February 2005. Zeke has adjusted well to his new life style. He still dances for food every night prior to dinner time approaching, and he goes on a three walks a day to stay in shape. His mid-day walk is with our dog walker who has been walking him the past 2 years.

Zeke is obsessed with food and still hunts the kitchen to see if there’s anything around. He is a big gentle giant, and is great with all people (especially children). He goes to the Outer Banks each year on vacation and loves the beach (under the umbrella) and the water! He’s been there each summer we’ve had him. We’ve seen a remarkable difference in his confidence and ability to trust - it’s been fascinating to watch him change over the course of time. Zeke is a healthy, happy lab and just enjoys being around people of all ages!


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