Happy Tails for Kody

May 15, 2016

I was going to write you this week with an update on Kody. We are sooooo in love with this dog. He is adapting well to the routine of the household. He goes on 2 walks a day and has playtime in the yard. I go home during my lunch hour and play fetch with him so he settles nicely for the afternoon. I stayed home from work for a few days last week and that worked well with him adjusting to his new surroundings.

He is doing better on the leash… not great but better. I take him out with Kasey and he adjusts himself to her pace. He is loving all the new sights and smells in the neighborhood. My son was away this weekend so he also got to go for a walk with the huskies. He did well with them at a much quicker pace.

Kody will take himself to bed at night if I am taking too long. It is so cute. I find him stretched out on his bed in my room.

We are going to see a trainer this week for help with his jumping up. I am sure we will be able to solve this. He is just so excited to see people and does not know how to control it.

I can’t thank you and the other volunteers enough for the time and effort for saving Kody. He is a perfect match for our family, human and canine.

Kody’s admirers

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