Happy Tails for Brandy

January 28, 2016

Hello all at LRR,

I thought I would write to let you know how Brandy is as it is now 5 months since we adopted her.

Firstly thanks again to everyone who fostered Brandy, they did an amazing job getting her healthy. By the time she arrived with us she was at her goal weight of 65 lbs., having lost 30 lbs., 1/3rd of her original body weight, and her chocolate coat shone with good health. I am pleased to say she has kept the weight off and is now a slim and trim Labbie girl.

Brandy is a wonderful dog. I could not ask for a more loyal companion. She is our loving Labbie goofball and we all have so much fun with her.

Most of the time she is a very laid back lady, but she does enjoy a brief sprint after a tennis ball in the garden or brisk walk round the park. Best of all, she loves her trips to the dog swimming pool, where her inner Labbie athelete really shines. She will retrieve non stop if you throw toys into the pool.

Being both extremely greedy and keen to please she has done very well with her training. She has learnt to be polite and wait for people to walk upstairs or through doorways instead or barging past them, and her leash walking is much better. Her one issue is remembering to stay calm and relaxed around dogs she doesn’t know, but she is working hard on this with her trainer and I’m confident she will improve further with practice.

Thank you all so much for rescuing Brandy.

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