Happy Tails for Khaleesi (formerly Cookie)

July 26, 2019

Khaleesi, formerly Cookie… She’s our snuggler/cuddler! Loves to bury her face in your chest and snuggle in as much as possible. If you’re sleeping, she cuddles up right next to you in the cruck of your back. Of course, her dog bed is the couch where she rests her head on the arm. If not sleeping, she is looking out the window and yelling hello, she’s a quite loud barker, to every dog that walks by. She is quite the conversationalist when we have company, but quickly settles down and becomes part of the gathering. She is the epitome of a lab in age, but not in retrieving. You wouldn’t think she had just turned seven, except that her color has faded a bit. She’s as young and spry as the day we got her. Her sister, Ygritte, a three-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog keeps her young. Our pretty calendar girl, always with a smile on her face is our Labrador reliever – she just doesn’t like fetching. She leaves that up to her sister! Khaleesi is the bright spot in our day. Always ready to greet us when we come home. We love her so.

Khaleesi july 2019

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