Happy Tails for Chica (formerly Chicka)

November 13, 2011

Hey y’all –

It’s me, Miss Chica. I got adopted on May 22 and am now living the good life down in Southern Maryland. My new pack members are an older couple who were looking for a mature dog with a calm personality (sounds just like me!) and I was looking for a new pack so it was a perfect match.

My new home is very pleasant lots of toys, a comfy bed, tasty food and a big yard to run around. The yard has lots of birds, squirrels, rabbits and an occasional duck. I love to scare the squirrels by pretending I’m chasing them. My front yard has the biggest wading pool I’ve ever seen! The human pack members call it a creek and on really hot days I get to splash in it (with their permission and supervision).

I take my humans for walks several times a day and really enjoying checking out who has been walking in my neighborhood since there are other labs on our street. Every morning the human female and I play fetch the tennis ball (this is my favorite activity, almost as satisfying as eating). She throws and I retrieve…I love this game and could play it all day! But the human stops after a while saying she has “chores” to do. I really don’t mind too much because I’m an easy-going girl plus when we go back inside I can catch a quick nap.

But the best part of living here is that every day I get a lot of love. Whether it’s a quick head pat, or being petted while I parade around the room with a toy, or lying on the floor getting a tummy rub, I’m always ready to soak up the love. I show my delight by wagging my tail as hard as I can. My humans say I have a very noisy tail cause I’m always whacking it against the furniture, their legs or the floor; but it’s just my way of showing happiness.

So if you read my story and wondered what happened to me, I got a “happily ever after” ending. I want to thank the LRR team for their great care and for finding me my new forever home. Gotta go now, my human has a tennis ball in her hand.


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