Happy Tails for Jasmine

August 13, 2011

August 9, 2011

Dear LRR Friends,

Yesterday I wished my good girl Jasmine a happy 7th birthday! As I am taking this opportunity to spoil her a little (more than usual), I also wanted to take a minute and thank everyone for all the work that you do to bring these wonderful dogs to their forever families.

In May, 2010, I bought my first house, and I started fostering for LRR shortly thereafter. Jasmine arrived the day after Christmas, 2010 and with her sweet, expressive little white face, turned my house into a home. Our days have fallen into a routine that keeps me grounded, even during the busiest of times. Like her mom, Jasmine is not fond of early mornings. She gives me unspoken permission each day to hit the snooze button just one more time and snuggle under the covers. As I leave for work, she walks me to the door, promising to hold down the fort, protect the house from would‐be intruders (especially the mailman and trash collectors), and complete all of her chores (chewing marrow bones and taking a nap). She greets me each evening with a wagging tail and an invigorating game of tug‐of‐war. She helps me get to bed on time, hopping up on the comforter each night and making sure the covers are properly warmed up for me. She is an excellent listener, cocking her head to one side at the really interesting parts, sighing deeply for the sad stories, and occasionally even proffering a paw to on my knee in simpatico, if the tale is truly full of woe.

Although Jasmine spent the first six years of her life as an only‐dog, she has embraced her role as foster sister to the other Labs who pass through our home. She shows them where we keep the “outside,” shares her toys and water (of course, pointing them to their own food bowls), and patiently demonstrates the proper way to request a treat (sit on command and put on your best cute‐face) again, and again, and again. She enriches my life in so many ways, both great (introducing me to all of our neighbors on our countless walks) and small (punctuating the silence of the house with a great slurping drink from the water bowl). And to think, she would never have found me without all the wonderful LRR volunteers who work so hard to bring our dogs home.

So thank you to each of you – for giving me the opportunity to celebrate this birthday and look forward to many more, with my happy (if somewhat diva‐esque) yellow girl!


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