Happy Tails for Nestlie (formerly Buddy)

June 28, 2011


Here are some pictures of Nestlie (formerly Buddy) on our boat and one with our other dog, Brownie. Our boy continues to get better all the time. We’ve been able to leave him now in the family room (with a baby gate up) and he doesn’t chew on picture frames anymore. He and Brownie spend the day in there and he has lots of toys and chew things.

When we come home, Nestlie certainly has a “happy tail” and that wonderful sashay, as I call it, when he’s glad to see us. Brownie has that same sashay, too! Sometimes we have trouble telling them apart, particularly when it’s slightly darker indoors. Nestlie still has the blue collar that LRR gave him and Brownie has her red one, so that does help us when we get “confused” about which dog is which.

Nestlie is wonderful! He is a really happy fellow! We absolutely adore Nestlie and he loves us, too. He’ll be with us 9 months on July 2nd! Nestlie and Brownie make our lives so fun and complete. We really cherish them!

Hope all is well with you and the rescue group. Thanks for bringing Nestlie into our lives!

Nestlie’s folks


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