Happy Tails for Miles

December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Miles is doing a GREAT job transitioning into his forever family.

Miles is such a wonderful addition to our family and he is SO loved by all of us! Miles, Canute and Bruno are fast friends. My Dad is in town right now and he, along with the rest of us, cant believe how well they’ve bonded. Its like he has always been here. His relationship with Bruno (our 15 yo) is so sweet. With the cold weather, and even though Bruno is on anti-inflammatory meds, he has been struggling with stairs so Mike is carrying him up and down. If for some reason we dont carry Bruno up the stairs (ie, just running upstairs to grab something), Miles stands at the bottom step and barks for someone to bring Bruno up! Miles and Bruno are nap buddies. Bruno likes to sleep in front of the fireplace during the day and Miles has taken to joining him! Yesterday Miles had his paws on Bruno’s face and they were both fast asleep. SO cute.

The boys have, however, been working together to get into mischief: Canute and Miles like to open the cabinet where we keep the garbage and go diving. I was working in the dining room and heard some banging around in the kitchen. I went in and Canute was holding the can open and Miles was eating. I should have been angry and corrected them both, but i was laughing too hard. It was HILARIOUS.

He and Jack, our 6 yo, developmentally delayed son have created a very special relationship: Miles follows Jack around the house, he spends the first part of the night sleeping with Jack (like he’s waiting for him to fall asleep before he moves in to the master bedroom with the rest of the pack), always sits next to him in the TV room, Jack “reads” books to him and they are the best of friends. I’ve never seen anything like it: its like Miles knows that Jack has challenges and looks out for the little guy. Miles and Ellie are great friends too, Ellie plays ball with him every afternoon, rain or shine and he LOVES when Ellie grooms him in (one of her jobs is to brush the dogs 3x’s a week).

Miles is also making lots of friends in the neighborhood and at the dog park. In fact, he has a girlfriend now: her name is Miss Biscuits. Shes a golden retriever (nobody’s perfect) and the two of them have SO much fun playing together. Because they get on so well, we’ve a standing “date” with her owners so she and Miles can hang out.

He’s doing well with his leash training and he is now sitting still when we get his harness on. Progress!

Santa is bringing him a crate of tennis balls, a heated dog bed for him and his brothers and his grandma (my mom) is making the boys a special Christmas dinner of steaks and green beans. He will also get to meet his dog-cousins: Scooby the boxer, Fuzzy the Shep mix, Jeeves the Dobie and the boss of everyone, Taz the Jack Russell terrier.

Miles is a most wonderful boy: we are so happy to have him in our family. Every day is a new adventure with 3 dogs and 2 children. Its been terrific!

Thank you so much for completing our family. We are grateful to you and the rest of the LRR team for bringing Miles to us.

We love him so much.


Miles’ mom

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