Happy Tails for Duke

February 10, 2010

Duke is the sweetest boy ever! He settled in with us and his new brother (Rigger, a 2-year old yellow lab) very quickly and uneventfully. Duke absolutely adores his Dad and has eyes for no one else when he’s around. Mom comes in a close second, though, and he loves to snuggle with her, too.

He’s so playful and goofy and exuberant! Duke’s main goal in life is to have his tummy rubbed. In fact, he will actually melt to the floor on his back if he even thinks there’s a chance that you’ll rub his belly. He is very, very affectionate and is happiest when he’s touching us. He truly believes that he is a 95 pound lap dog and he thinks we don’t notice when he tries to sneak up into our laps on the sofa. He is curious about absolutely everything and he must be a part of everything that we do.

Duke loves to play with his brother Rigger. He grabs Rigger by the collar and pulls him outside to play whenever the door is opened. Duke has to have any toy that Rigger wants and they play good-natured tug-of-war over everything from toys to sticks. He just loves the hose and water of any kind. He loves having his teeth brushed – it’s that beef-flavored toothpaste! He will do absolutely anything for food. Duke has a very high prey drive. Those squirrels in the backyard know that there’s a new sheriff in town!

Obedience training has been very easy for Duke. He’s very smart and eager to please. He’s mastered sit, stay and heel. Duke is very responsive when he’s called, even when there are distractions. He absolutely loves other dogs and going to the dog park!

All in all, Duke just couldn’t be a better, more loving dog and he is a welcome member of our family!

Duke rigger 2
Duke rigger

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