Happy Tails for Melvin (formerly Riley)

June 20, 2010

Melvin has been in my family for two years now. Our early days were a tad difficult. Life at my home was new to him, he paced. He woke (way too early) and was unsure of how things went. I’m thinking it was tough for him to go from being left every day in a fenceless yard (previous life) to being on a schedule and going on leashed walks with me. Old life, animal control. New life, learning to be loved. It was tough for me to adjust also. As Melvin entered my life, my angel dog Max was leaving us.

What I know now is that, without doubt, it was meant to be. His allergies are something his previous owners gave up on, for me it’s all part of unconditional love. While I hated to see him suffer, I championed our every step towards his now itch-free life! He has no need too great for me to deny him. How could anyone refuse that face? In return, he teaches me to move forward with and/or towards joy. He greets me at the door with an excitement that brings me such happiness. He does not pace anymore. He sleeps in, a deep sleep that makes most envious. He embraces a schedule and though the early days were full of “no, no” our days now are full of “good boy!”. He romps through life with exuberance, spreading delight wherever he goes. Life with Melvin is never boring and always rewarding. We are family and there is A LOT of love!

Thank you LRR! Looking forward to our 3-year anniversary update!

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January 15, 2009


I wanted to give you a quick update on my happy life! I’ve been in my forever home for six-months now Since joining my family, we lost my canine brother Max. I only had two months with him but I do miss him and I know my mom does also. I have taken on the role as entertainer so when memories bring tears, I perform! It works every time!

Almost my entire time here has been spent working with the vet to get my allergies under control. I have been dubbed ‘the most allergic dog ever’ and am now posted on several chat boards so that doctors around the country can play a role in healing me. At the height of it all, I would itch until I bled and my hair started falling out. I’m not sure that was a bad thing since it was so wiry! Now I get allergy shots, a medicine called Atopica, special baths, food tailored to me and mom has treats shipped in that as she says ‘have nothing but goodness’ in them. My coat is thick and soft and my skin shows no signs of redness. Mom says she pays every vet bill with love and that it’s all worthwhile because I’ve gone from being itchy a 100% of the time to only about 15%! That’s a NORMAL amount!!! Wooohooooo! Mom also wants everyone out there to know that while you may not have to go to these extraordinary measures with a dog you rescue, very few things in life compare to showing an animal that there is goodness in the world and subsequently watching them come into joy.

I’m thrilled to report that life is wonderful! I sleep soundly, I anxiously anticipate every day and I’m blessed to have forgotten what it’s like to worry.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction LRR!

Love, Melvin


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July 15, 2008


I wanted to let you know that I’m settling wonderfully into my new life with my forever family. Mom says it was love at first sight! My first couple weeks here has been all about feeling the love, although we do spend some time on obedience. Apparently counter surfing is not something dogs are supposed to do and I’ve also come to realize that the spare bedroom’s bed is not actually mine. Who knew!

I’m doing fantastic on the gentle leader and my mom and I bond over 2 long walks a day. It’s funny cause she talks to me during the walks, pointing things out, telling me how good I’m doing, telling me stories of Max (my big brother) at my age and how she sees so much of him in me. What a compliment! I only pull every now and again, like if a bird or squirrel catch my eye but I’ve quickly learned ‘leave it’ and ‘no pulling’. Mom and I love our walks together, sometimes when we run up steps she hums the Rocky theme! When we get home from our walks I like to slurp up a lot of water and I do so in a way that is now referred to as ‘the car wash’. I don’t get it but there is my mom laughing again. She really seems to enjoy wiping the floor with a towel, she’s always doing that around me! My mom is also convinced that I have narcolepsy. I can go from 100 to zero in about 30 seconds and if there is a belly rub involved my eyes roll back and I’m out! Mom calls me the ‘gentle giant’ and even after I misbehave she says ‘Mel, your intentions were good’.

My big brother Max has a lot to teach me especially the art of napping. He is older and doesn’t play a lot but he has certainly earned his right to sleep whenever he likes. I love knowing he is always there and my mom seems very happy that I respect his space (most of the time). He in turn has learned that my brakes don’t always work so he’s gotten really good at getting out of the way! At night, despite each having a bed in the bedroom, Mom has noticed that we are slowly inching closer to one another to sleep. This seems to make her very happy. When we go on walks together, Max is teaching me the art of sniffing, IT’S AWESOME!

My allergies are a work in progress, I’m still itchy but mom and the vet talk about it and I think they are always one step ahead with the next plan for me. We’ll see how things are after the fall. In the meantime, to divert me from itching, mom has invested in some Kong toys – I GO CRAZY FOR THEM! Almost every time they end up under the couch so mom get’s on all fours and retrieves for me and the only payment she requires for her services are kisses.

LRR, thank you for taking me in! You saved me and my mom says to tell you that you brought a bundle of joy and happiness into her life! She always talks about what good people you are and what a blessing you are to so many dogs and families. We’re looking forward to the picnic in September. Until then please keep up the wonderful work and know that I’m yet another of your success stories, happy as can be, loved more than imaginable.

Melvin Riley Forever Family Member

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