Happy Tails for Jake

September 16, 2009

It’s been two years now that Jake has joined our family and he still acts like a puppy even though he is now 7 years old. I would never have believed that adopting a 5 year old could be so perfect for us.

We play every day, take rides (his all time favorite thing to do!) and of course at night he settles on his favorite sofa and watches us until the news comes on. Then, unbelievably, he knows it’s bed time and herds us to bed! If we dare to linger he starts with LOTS of verbal encouragement! tee hee

The calendar with his photo was such a big hit this year. Please let me know when this year’s calendars are available. I definitely want to order some more!

Jake says hello and thank you again for helping him to find a loving family that is so easy to train! tee hee

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September 1, 2007

Hello from Jake and his parents!

Wanted to send you a few new photos of Jake and let you know that he is happy and settling in wonderfully! We take walks almost daily and he loves to ride more than anything. We can not believe how well behaved he is and he is so smart. We only need to lock the back door and jiggle his treat jar and he goes right into his crate without even saying a word. I have to admit though, he is sooo spoiled now, at times he acts like HE is in charge of the house! He tries to tell us when it’s time to go to bed!!! It’s getting cooler now and we can play ball and Frisbee “keep away” more often, Jake loves his yard and sunbathing on the deck. He still likes to chew in the evenings and we have trouble finding things he can chew for more than a few minutes! The alligator toy we gave him is now just a carcass (see photo!), he has pulled out all the stuffing! tee hee Everything we give him is a new challenge … how long will it take for him to chew up this? One GREAT thing … he has never chewed a single thing in the house other than the toys and bones we give him … he’s such a good boy!

Thank you so much for everything your organization does to help find new homes for our 4-legged family members that are fortunate enough to find their way to your love and care.

(Jake says WOOF WOOF)


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July 20, 2007

Hello LRR!

Jake is doing really well, we have had a few visitors and he was happy to meet them. My piano lesson went really well today, Jake laid at me feet under the piano - the piano instructor just loved him! Jake usually lays on the love seat behind me while I practice but I guess he wanted to be a little more “involved” today?

He loves to take walks outside, we probably average about once an hour for about 10-15 minutes - our backyard is shaded from 10:00 a.m. on and it hasn’t been real hot. Jake has chased his share of squirrels, rabbits, and a cat - it seems that birds on the ground are not welcome in “his” yard either! He loves to watch the finches on our bird feeders though.

Jake is a GREAT dog, he loves running up and down the steps inside the house. When Michael and I are not on the same floor he is constantly going up and down checking on both of us. Our offices are across the hall from each other and he lays in the hallway between us. When it’s bedtime he lays across the pillows and refuses to move until we are both in bed. One night I ended up sleeping upside down in bed because he had his nose in my back! What a funny doggie - he just wants to snuggle and he’s a real “in your face” guy. Even though he’s allowed in the bed he waits for one of us to give him permission to get up!

Did you know that Jake knows what a “high-five” is? Our son taught his dog to raise his paw to his hand when he says “high-five”. Not thinking he told Jake “high-five” and Jake put his paw right up to his hand. Jake is really good with a number of commands as well - sit and down are great, he needs a little work with “stay” and to walk on the leash when he knows he’s going for a ride. We take him for short rides about every other day; now when we get ready to go somewhere he sniffs the garage door since his leash in on the other side hanging on a rack. He’s asking to go with us - still, all I have to do is get his bone and walk to the crate and he goes in very willingly.

He has totally enriched our lives without a doubt. We played with a Frisbee today, he loves it even better than his ball! Seems after a few catches though KEEP AWAY from mom is more fun than catching!!! Well, I’ve probably gone on and on too much so I’ll let you go. Jake is really really happy, he keeps us on our toes. We couldn’t have found a better match for our life style. He fits into our crazy family as if he has always belonged.

Take care,

Jake’s mom and dad

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