Happy Tails for Judy

March 6, 2009

Hi everyone. I just wanted to write and let you know how I’m doing.

My forever home is the coolest and my mom is the silliest mom ever. Sometimes she calls me booty instead of Judy and I keep thinking this silly mom can’t even get my name right. But then I realized that it’s short for Miss Beautiful (boooootiful) which I must say I kind of like.

I have my own toy chest and I love to go digging through it to come up with one of my favorite toys. Mom chases me around the house saying “give me my toy” but I know she’s just teasing and that all these toys are really mine. I love to pull out all the stuffing and throw it across the floor. Then mom goes behind me saying “oh my goodness” which is really fun! Eventually I get to roll on the floor and get a belly rub which is one of my favorite things in the whole world.

Mom and I just came in from outside and she says I make her laugh. When we got all of the snow and ice mom actually made me a path through the yard. She says she should have known better since I ignore the path and head straight for the ice and snow. Oh how I love that cold snowy stuff under my feet.

One of my favorite times was Halloween. I have a new appreciation for the doorbell and it must have rung 50 times that night. I was up and down so much greeting people I think I slept most of the next day. It was so much fun but boy was it exhausting.

I have lots of friends. Lizzie and Daisy are my favorites. Lizzie is a black labbie and Daisy is a little white dog. Daisy is funny because every time she comes over she looks different. Sometimes she has long hair and sometimes she has short hair which I just don’t understand. I have to always make sure it’s really Daisy I’m dealing with. My mom says that some homes are where all the kids like to congregate but hers is where all the dogs like to come! We have dog and mom nights where we all get together and create havoc but I’m always in charge and keep those other dogs straight.

Well I guess that’s it for now. I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I am lovin life!!!! I’m expecting Daisy any minute now and we are all going for a walk. There’s the doorbell…………………………


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