Loyal Order of Labradors™

The Loyal Order of Labradors™ (LOL) was established in 2003 by Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. (LRR) to provide assistance to Adopters and their Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. dogs aged seven years or older.



Joined the LOL 2/2011

Kinzy was adopted by her LRR family in April 2004, so Kinzy is now nearly 14 years old. Her health is generally good, though those trips up and down the steps are taking a little longer these days. Her family is home with her all day, so she can follow mom and her human siblings around the house. She loves hearing Mom read stories and going for rides in the car with the family. She also spends some time outside each day. After dinner, an evening treat, and more family time, Kinzy settles in for some snuggles, then sleeps in her crate. (02/11)

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Joined the LOL 2/2011

Max was adopted by his LRR family in 2004 at age two. Now eight years old, Max, a Lab/Great Dane mix, is proud to say that he has the health of a much younger fellow! Despite some aching joints, Max can reach the counters when his sharp eyes and nose alert him to food and his ears pick up the sound of the refrigerator door opening. Max willingly shares his home with 2 younger brothers and helps around the house by decorating the sofa with dog hair. A typical day for Max starts with a short walk, breakfast, and a snooze. Next, he might corral some toys and shoes. Afternoons include another walk and play time. Max helps cook dinner, and with his brothers, pre-cleans the dishes when the meal is over. Max naps while waiting for bedtime. (02/11)



Joined the LOL 12/2010

Daisy, adopted by her LRR family in 2010 at age 6, is now an active and happy 7-year-old lab. An early riser, Daisy joins her sister, Tonks, for some snuggling with Mom after breakfast. Then it is a walk with Dad, followed by a nap, and some time in the yard to play ball and romp with brother Webster. During an afternoon walk, Daisy often plays with her basset hound boyfriend, a neighbor. Dad comes home from work, and it is time for dinner, an evening walk, another nap, and a chew toy while snuggling on the sofa with Dad. Daisy’s favorite vacation is a trip to the beach to ride the waves and collect pets while walking on the boardwalk. (12/10)



Joined the LOL 9/2010

Murphy was adopted in 2002 at age 1 and even now, at age 9, Murphy’s mom describes him as a “coiled spring” – always ready for anything! And “anything” might be chasing a ball, visiting doggie friends in the neighborhood, swimming in the ocean, a romp along the creek, reading stories with his human siblings, or stealing hamburgers from weekend guests. His only health challenge was a bite from a copperhead. But he recovered quickly and 3 weeks later, was running and swimming as usual. Murphy spends time with his sibs in the morning – oh, those belly rubs! His dog walker visits during the day while Mom and the kids are at work and school. When the family arrives home, it’s time to play in the yard. After the sibs hit the sack, Murphy and Mom watch TV together – oh, those ear rubs. (09/10)



Joined the LOL 9/2010

Belle was adopted in 2006 at age 3 and now, at age 7, is still in excellent health. Her day starts with a walk with Mom, followed by breakfast. She follows Mom around the house during the day, occasionally stopping for other favorite things, including playing with toys, chewing on bones, walking with Mom, or playing with her foster brother or sister. Oh, and don’t forget naps! With such a busy schedule, a girl needs some relaxation and snoozing! Belle supervises yard work after dinner. She ends her day with a cuddle with Mom on the couch, then sweet dreams – on Mom’s bed, of course! (09/10)



Joined the LOL 8/2010

IN MEMORY OF JACK. HE CROSSED THE RAINBOW BRIDGE IN MAY 2012, AT THE AGE OF 12-1/2. Jack, active at age 11, thinks he’s a puppy. And his humans do, too! He wakes up, eats his breakfast quickly, and enjoys a walk. Jack has the run of the house during the day, sleeping on a bed and watching his neighborhood from the windows. He often greets his owners with a shoe in his mouth when they arrive home from work. When he gets to go outside for a walk, he “talks” to his dog buddy, Snoopy, who lives behind him. Then he plays with his humans and hits the sack. Jack’s overall health is excellent, though he recently had an eye removed due to melanoma. Maybe a pirate’s eye patch for Jack? (08/10)



Joined the LOL 5/2010

‘Izzy’ was adopted on Halloween Day in 2009. Isn’t Isabelle the dignified lady? Don’t let that quiet look deceive you. Seven-year-old Izzy is active when she has the opportunity. After waking at 6:00 a.m., she has a 30-minute walk with Dad before he leaves for work, followed by breakfast. Then there is a 2 or 3-mile walk in the mid-afternoon. Sometimes those walks include a stop at a local pond and a swim! Izzy has her dinner at about 4:30, then retires to her dog bed in the family room for a nap before retiring for the night. Quite the life for a Labbie! (04/10)

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Joined the LOL 4/2010

Cody’s family consists of his human parents and sister, plus a Labbie brother and St. Bernard sister. Adopted in 2004 at age 1.5 years, Cody is now 7 and in generally good health. He has some minor hip problems that cause him some difficulty with stairs. One of his favorite pastimes is sitting under his human sister’s high chair, waiting for food to drop; he’s ready to catch it! He loves relaxing on a dog bed with the family in the evening. After a quiet evening at home, Cody is off to bed, where he dreams of his next meal or catching those pesky squirrels who live in his back yard. (04/10)



Joined the LOL 3/2010

Mocha was adopted in 2008 at the age of 5. Flying in an airplane is old hat to Mocha because Dad pilots his own plane! He often flies rescued dogs and cats to their new homes. Mocha loves to fly, but when on the ground, has several hobbies. Riding in the truck is almost as much fun as being in the air. Exploring the neighborhood on walks with Dad is a favorite, as is napping on the couch. She loves toys – whatever is in her mouth at the moment is her favorite. She sometimes pulls the stuffing from her soft toys, but doesn’t eat it. She just places it neatly aside. At age 7, Mocha is in excellent health, despite a spider bite a year ago that caused some concern. (03/10)

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Joined the LOL 2/2010

Abby was adopted in 2008 at the age of 5. Abby just LOVES her Mommy! She wakes up on Mom and Dad’s bed every morning, and after a quick trip outside, enjoys a leisurely breakfast with her sister. Before Mom and Dad leave for the day, Abby plays outside. Which shall it be – the sofa or the couch for a nice relaxing nap? That’s a big decision that Abby makes each day. When Mom and Dad arrive home in the late afternoon, it’s back outside, then dinner. Evening means serious play time before turning in for the night … on the bed with Mom and Dad. A fitting end to another wonderful day for 7-year-old Abby. (02/10)



Joined the LOL 1/2010

IN MEMORY OF LUKE, WHO CROSSED THE RAINBOW BRIDGE IN JULY 2013, AT AGE 7. Luke was adopted in 2006 at the age of 4. Time for a nap? Or maybe a ride in the Durango? Or a swim? Luke, who is about 9 years old, likes all 3. It’s a tough choice for Luke, though swimming is more of a summer sport and napping is a winter one. Luke’s family, who adopted him in 2006, also fosters LRR Labbies, so he often has pals in the house to play with. He loves to cuddle with the grandchildren in the family and plays with a stuffed duck. And after all of that activity, Luke takes a nap on the bed! (01/10)



Joined the LOL 1/2010

IN MEMORY OF BERT, WHO CROSSED THE RAINBOW BRIDGE IN JULY 2014, AT AGE 12. Bert is the “middle child” in a family of 3 LRR dogs. Adopted at age 9 months in 2003, Bert is in good health and takes his glucosamine every day. His days begin early, with a quick visit to the back yard to make sure all is well. After breakfast, he and his sister Ginger head back outside to run and play. They don’t bother brother Mac, who is very old and needs his rest. Bert loves car rides and a highlight of his afternoon is a trip to pick up Mom at the train station. Anyone for TV? Bert loves Animal Planet and looks for dogs and other animals in its programs. Grandchildren are part of Bert’s pack; when they visit, everyone gets extra treats! Bert has some advice for staying young: remain active, have fun catching balls, and relax with the family. (01/10)



Joined the LOL 1/2010

IN MEMORY OF MARCIE, WHO CROSSED THE RAINBOW BRIDGE IN NOVEMBER 2011, AT AGE 10. Marcie, a sweet, shy 9-year-old lab, started life as a puppy mill mom, without much of a future. LRR stepped in and soon, she was receiving the help she needed to shine! Marcie now happily polices her large yard for squirrels and other critters that she doesn’t feel belong there. Her main job is to make sure that she and her brother get their daily treats from their neighbors, who they have converted from non-dog people to neighbors who now do not miss a dog treat day even in bad weather! (01/10)

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IN MEMORY OF MADISON, WHO CROSSED THE RAINBOW BRIDGE IN FEBRUARY 2013, AT AGE 11. Do obedience classes and a Canine Good Citizen title mean perfect behavior? Well, 7-year-old Maddie doesn’t let it stand in the way of high spirited antics and fun! She helps Mom with caring for LRR fosters and romps in the yard with them and her 2 doggie sisters. Chasing a ball, exploring hidden places in the yard, going for a swim—all fun for Maddie and the gang! To preserve her energy level for all of this activity, Maddie loves to sleep in and snuggles with Mom. A recent diagnosis of mild hip dysplasia and a partially torn ligament hasn’t slowed this girl! (01/10)



Joined the LOL 1/2010

Eight-year-old Malibu loves nothing more than sleeping on a waterbed at his owner’s feet. But he’s not always that quiet. Malibu has screws and plates in his leg from surgery at age one, the result of a fall from a deck. His LRR foster mom walked around the yard carrying an umbrella to protect his cast from wet weather during his recovery. Now the proud possessor of a Canine Good Citizen title, Malibu has barely slowed from the lively boy he was at the time of his adoption, when he trimmed the flowers and leaves from bushes and ate vegetables from the garden. He’s actively involved in everything that happens in his house! (01/10).

Crossed the rainbow bridge 5/2/2016. He lived a long, happy, comfy life.



Joined the LOL 1/2010

IN MEMORY OF ENZO, WHO CROSSED THE RAINBOW BRIDGE IN APRIL 2010, AT AGE 7. A daily ride in the car to take his kids to school is a big deal for 7-year-old Enzo. He recently lost a leg to cancer but, despite operating on 3 legs, he is a happy and energetic dog. He is the most popular “kid” at the school drop point. Upon returning home, Enzo spends some time in his back yard and dozes in the sun streaming through the window in his house, before picking up the kids at school in the afternoon. Enzo has a short evening walk before moving to his favorite spot in the middle of the bed. While physically a little slower than before surgery, Enzo’s spirit is very much intact. (01/10)