Loyal Order of Labradors™

The Loyal Order of Labradors™ (LOL) was established in 2003 by Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. (LRR) to provide assistance to Adopters and their Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. dogs aged seven years or older.

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Joined the LOL 11/2011

Champ was adopted by his LRR family in 2005; he is now 7 years old, but don’t tell! He thinks he’s a puppy and acts like one! Adopted at 18 months, Champ has been the reigning champion at his house for 6 years. In excellent health, he looks forward to breakfast every morning. Champ then plays, naps, plays, and has a snack or two. He greets his owners at the door every day with a big smile. Evenings are spent with the family. After such an active day, Champ looks forward to an early bedtime. On weekends, though, Champ is the family alarm clock. He wakes his owners in time for breakfast by putting his cold nose on a face! (12/11)

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Joined the LOL 8/2011

IN MEMORY OF REESE. SHE CROSSED THE RAINBOW BRIDGE IN MARCH 2013, AT THE AGE OF 11. Reese was adopted by her LRR family in October 2003. She’s a little slower and stiffer, but Reese can still chase the bunnies, squirrels and deer out of her yard. The critters think she is a fierce Labbie, but she really is a sweet girl who loves belly rubs and cuddles. Her day begins when she awakens in her human brother’s bed. She patrols the house to make sure that nothing out of the ordinary happened overnight. After breakfast, she retires to the sofa, where she sunbathes and naps. In between snoozes, she checks out the house again, fits in yard patrol (gotta get those rabbits and squirrels!) and reminds her humans that she needs snacks. (08/11)



Joined the LOL 8/2011

Jasmine, adopted by her LRR family in 2011, is a very talented Labbie. When company comes for dinner, she knows that they are really there to see her and she excels in her role as hostess. She enjoys hosting other dogs and is good at running errands. Her day starts at 7 – she’s just not a morning person! While Mom is at work, Jasmine plays with her many toys ( a kong and squirrel buddy are favorites), naps, and keeps an eye on the neighborhood. Only her white face gives away the fact that she is old enough to be a LOL Labbie! (08/11)



Joined the LOL 8/2011

Kaela was adopted by her LRR family in 2010. Which bed shall it be? Kaela asks herself that question several times a day. After waking early in her king size “human” bed, she has breakfast and takes a walk with Labbie sister Abby and a human sister. Once Kaela gets everyone ready for school and work, she decides which bed to nap on first. The couch, perhaps? Or human sister’s bed? She alternates sleeping – on different beds, of course – with protecting the house from invading bunnies and squirrels until the family arrives home. After a romp in the yard, followed by dinner and a leisurely walk, it’s time to go back to that king-sized bed again! (08/11)

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Joined the LOL 8/2011

Maggie was adopted by her LRR family in 2006. Happy, healthy Maggie can keep up with her 2 year old LRR brother with no trouble at all. She’s an early riser, usually up before 5 a.m. After a walk, she and her brother help Mom get ready for work, then have breakfast. Maggie’s favorite days are “school days,” when she goes to school. Her entire backside wiggles with glee when she spots her blue school bag. Maggie is standing at the door when Mom returns from work. If Mom comes home early, the first sound she hears is Maggie jumping off the bed! (08/11)



Joined the LOL 7/2011

IN MEMORY OF DIESEL, WHO CROSSED THE RAINBOW BRIDGE IN NOVEMBER 2011, AT AGE 10. Diesel, adopted by his LRR family in 2004, is a healthy, active Labbie who loves to run, retrieve and swim. He has mild allergies and a bit of separation anxiety, and is prone to ear infections. Diesel starts every day by waking his master and mistress at dawn. Why? This early bird wants breakfast, then a romp around the yard. While the humans get ready for work, Diesel reclines on their bed. Next is a nap, then barking at dogwalkers who pass by his house. Diesel enjoys a game of ball or a walk before dinner, then he spends the evening snoozing in a favorite chair while his mistress does homework. At night, Diesel snoozes just outside the bedroom door so that he is ready to wake everyone up at breakfast time! (07/11)



Joined the LOL 6/2011

Sam, adopted by his LRR family in 2009, is a busy guy. From his 5 a.m. breakfast through spending evenings with his family, Sam is a happy and healthy Labbie who loves life! He plays ball, goes for walks, chases squirrels away from the bird feeder, chews on bones and antlers, naps, and watches TV with his family’s teenager. And that’s just during the week. On the weekends, Sam also goes for rides in the car, entertains company, lounges on the deck, and takes a dip in the kiddie pool. He loves his nylabones, carrying them around like a cigar. His stuffed toys are his bedtime companions and he uses them for pillows. (06/11)



Joined the LOL 6/2011

IN MEMORY OF ZIGGY. HE CROSSED THE RAINBOW BRIDGE IN January 2012, AT THE AGE OF 17-1/2. Ziggy, adopted by his LRR family in 1994, is one special fellow. He is the oldest Labbie ever inducted into the Loyal Order and was adopted in June 1994 when he was just a wee pup. He is now 17 years old and still going strong for an older guy. The photos of Ziggy are at adoption in 1994 and today. His back legs hurt, but he still gets around quite well, and the vet says he is doing well. He trots through the house when the family car pulls into the driveway. What is a typical Ziggy day like? Snoozing and eating!! After all, Ziggy is 17 years old! (06/11)



Joined the LOL 6/2011

Luchi, adopted by his LRR family in 2009, has some tough choices to make every day. Sleep? Eat? Nap? Snack? Sociable Luchi wants a solid 20 hours of sleep each and every day. But he loves to eat, and must fit meals and snacks into his busy day! And he loves to be with his people and dog friends. Despite all the time spent snoozing, Luchi has a run and fetch workout every day. He swims and will dive to retrieve a stick. Luchi is in excellent health and weighs in at a trim 68 pounds. (06/11)



Joined the LOL 4/2011

IN MEMORY OF EVIE. SHE CROSSED THE RAINBOW BRIDGE IN MARCH 2012, AT THE AGE OF 12-1/2. Evie was adopted by her LRR family in 2003. Evie’s job is the family alarm clock. She wakes every member of the family each day, often forgetting that weekends are when the humans want to sleep in. Once everyone is up, Evie has her breakfast and patrols the yard. Then it’s time for her beauty rest. When everyone is home from school and work, Evie reminds them that it is time for her dinner. After an evening walk and game of ball, Evie frequently puts herself to bed before the rest of the family. Other fun times for Evie are when the family travels to Deep Creek Lake. (04/11)



Joined the LOL 4/2011

Baci was adopted by his LRR family in 2006. Baci’s favorite time of day is the morning, when, after waking up the family, he has a long belly rub and neck massage before breakfast. He has a walk and then spends some time in his crate, due to his “curious” nature and ability to get into trouble. He visits with a dog walker during the day, and is ready for some play and dinner when the family arrives home. He also enjoys sunbathing on the deck, helping the family run errands, long naps, trips to the dog park, and closely watching any and all meals being prepared. (04/11)


Buddy Bailey

Joined the LOL 4/2011

IN MEMORY OF BUDDY, WHO CROSSED THE RAINBOW BRIDGE IN JULY 2012, AT AGE 10. Buddy Bailey was adopted by his LRR family in 2008. Though an early riser, Buddy has beds scattered through the house, including a twin-sized mattress, so he can grab a nap when and where he wants. In the summer, the cool bathroom floor is a perfect place to doze and his “Buddy Bunker” in the walk-in closet is a sanctuary when it thunders. Buddy’s day starts before 5 with breakfast, a trip outside and some play. Sometimes he goes to doggie daycare. Afternoons and evenings include walks, play time and dinner. (04/11)

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Joined the LOL 3/2011

Alex was adopted by his LRR family in 2005. Want to go for a walk, Alex? Or maybe play ball? This guy will always answer “Yes!!!” to both questions. His typical day starts with a walk after his 6 a.m. breakfast. Every other day, he gets a long walk about 9:30 a.m. He relaxes, then has a mid-afternoon game of ball, followed by another walk before dinner. Between dinner and bedtime, Alex is outside at least 4 more times, and manages to sneak in another game of ball. (03/11)



Joined the LOL 3/2011

Maize was adopted by her LRR family in March 2007, at age 5. You would expect a labbie named Maize to be yellow! Generally in good health, Maize’s recent elbow problems have turned her long walks into shorter, leisurely strolls. Maize is an early riser and helps to wake the rest of the family – but only after she has her breakfast! Dad is home during the day to keep her company. She plays with the boys when they are home from school and naps on the sofa when they are not. When Mom arrives home from work, Maize chatters away, telling stories about her day in the house. Maize’s favorite play toy is a tennis ball! (03/11)



Joined the LOL 3/2011

Rocky was adopted by her LRR family in 2008 at age five. Rocky and his LRR sister are in charge of the house while Mom works all day. What a big responsibility for a 7-year-old labbie! Rocky’s energy level is amazing. When Mom comes home from work, it’s time for a run around their large yard and a visit to a neighbor who is waiting to give Rocky and his sister some treats. Then it’s a walk to visit the kids in the neighborhood for some pets. Evenings are the best part of the day, though – Rocky is a lap dog! (03/11)



Joined the LOL 2/2011

Kinzy was adopted by her LRR family in April 2004, so Kinzy is now nearly 14 years old. Her health is generally good, though those trips up and down the steps are taking a little longer these days. Her family is home with her all day, so she can follow mom and her human siblings around the house. She loves hearing Mom read stories and going for rides in the car with the family. She also spends some time outside each day. After dinner, an evening treat, and more family time, Kinzy settles in for some snuggles, then sleeps in her crate. (02/11)