Loyal Order of Labradors™

The Loyal Order of Labradors™ (LOL) was established in 2003 by Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. (LRR) to provide assistance to Adopters and their Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. dogs aged seven years or older.

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Joined the LOL 2/2015

Winston is Daddy’s boy. Known to his family as Winnie, he rises early to have breakfast with Dad and his canine siblings, Kelby and Abby, at 6:00 a.m. When Dad is around, Winnie is his shadow. Some of Winnie’s favorite things are chasing tennis balls – always bringing them back for another round - and taking walks. But his most favorite activity is going for a ride in the car. After a fun-filled day, even this healthy 7-year-old Labbie is ready for a snooze – cuddled next to Dad, of course!

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Joined the LOL 8/2014

Kelby was adopted by his LRR family in August 2009, at the age of 2. Labby Kelby is an early riser. He has to be, in order to accomplish all that he can during his busy day! He breakfasts with Dad and helps to feed the chickens, assisted by his canine brother and sister. After chasing squirrels, he rests in the sun. Next, he may keep Mom company while she works or help Dad in the yard. Lunch with Nana is a must – yummy! Then Kelby has a walk or a meet-up at obedience school with his best girl, Ginger, the yellow lab. After dinner, he watches TV and then goes off to bed, sleeping between Mom and Dad and snoooooooring ever so loudly! (08/14)

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Joined the LOL 6/2014

Charlie was adopted by his LRR family in October 2012, at the age of 8. An early riser, Charlie starts with a quick trip to the yard and then in for a hearty breakfast. Back out to the yard then back to bed to snuggle with Mom until it is time to take Dad for a walk. After his walk with his 2 sisters it is back to bed for more snuggling. Then it is time to go back out to greet all the people and dogs walking by. Charlie loves to run and play with his sisters and often a foster dog. In the afternoon Charlie takes Mom for a walk then back home to chew bones and nap. When Dad gets home it is time for dinner, another walk and snuggling with Dad on the sofa until bedtime. Charlie has a very active day and says just because there is snow on the roof doesn’t mean there is no fire in the furnace. (06/14)

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Joined the LOL 4/2014

River was adopted by his LRR family on 1/1/11 at the age of 7 and his family thinks he is number 1. River is an early riser (5:30 a.m.) and it is a quick trip outside then in for a big bowl of dog chow. River then takes Dad for a long morning walk (45-60 minutes). After his walk River starts his job of napping and guarding the home while his family is at work. Evenings are Rivers favorite time, everyone is home and it is time for ball playing. River loves balls, tennis balls, soccer balls, footballs, but his favorite are squeaky balls. After dinner it is time for his evening walk and then home for snuggling time with his human brother and Mom. River loves to visit his extended family on MD’s Eastern Shore where he gets to swim - next to ball playing River loves swimming. For a 10 year old boy River is a very happy, healthy and active labbie. (04/14)

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Joined the LOL 1/2014

Jake was adopted by his LRR family in September, 2006. A Labbie providing taxi service for kittens? That’s exactly what Jake does for tiny foster kittens that sometimes stay at his house. He is a gentle big brother as he carries them around the house. Despite a recent diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma, Jake is a friendly, active, and happy boy. He loves car rides, especially if they include a visit to the bank’s drive-through window, and daily strolls around his community, where neighbors smile when they see him walk by. Jake’s mom works from home, so he has family members with him nearly 24/7. After an early breakfast with Dad, Jake heads back to bed with Mom until she gets up, then down the hall to cuddle with his human sister. During the remainder of the day, he helps Mom with her work and plays with his 2 feline siblings. Mom says that every day with Jake is a gift! (01/14)

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Joined the LOL 9/2013

Brady joins his LRR sister, Dyna, as a donor to a canine blood bank. An active LOL member, he awakes early each day to patrol his yard. He seeks out any and all critters, but especially turtles!! After breakfast, he has another stroll – you never know who may have arrived in the yard during his absence. Naps on the sofa fill his day, interrupted by the dog walker’s visit and Mom’s return from work. Brady loves to swim, which he does twice a week at a local doggie fitness center. Brady’s other big job is managing the LRR foster dogs that occasionally stay temporarily at his home.



Joined the LOL 8/2013

Nikki was adopted by her LRR family in October, 2007. She is a healthy and active senior labbie. She is happier than ever, now that her people are retired and at home with her all day. She is a slim 59 pounds and daily allergy medications work well. Her days start early, rising at 5:30 a.m. for a trip outside, with breakfast an hour later. She loves being a couch potato, but is equally delighted to chase squirrels, bunnies, and deer in the yard. When her relative Sarge, another Labbie, visits, they play and play and play. After a busy day, Nikki is ready for an early bedtime at 9:00 p.m. (08/13)



Joined the LOL 5/2013

Lola was adopted by her LRR family in November, 2006. For an older (but still beautiful) labbie gal, Lola has lots of energy and ssometimes acts like a puppy. She gets very excited about playing outside in the yard with her human brother and dog pals from the neighborhood. Her favorite activity is rolling on her back, waiting for someone to rub her tummy. (05/13)

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Joined the LOL 3/2013

Terra was adopted by her LRR family in August, 2008. Terra is a lucky Labbie! She loves to loll about the house and her most favorite place to lounge is on someone’s lap! She is quite the lap dog. Terra adores her feline brother and sisters and showers them with kisses. The humans – both adults and children – in Terra’s family also receive their share of kisses. Terra is healthy and is one loveable girl! (03/13)



Joined the LOL 9/2012

IN MEMORY OF DAISY. SHE CROSSED THE RAINBOW BRIDGE IN May 2013, AT THE AGE OF 9. Daisy was adopted by her LRR family in May 2010. Daisy pounds her tail on the bed to greet each day. This, of course, wakes her owner and they are off and running to start the day’s adventures. An 8.5-year old yellow Labbie, Daisy stays fit by walking and playing ball. Following a morning walk, she has breakfast, hoping that some food spills so that she gets a little extra. Then Daisy settles on the sofa for a morning nap. She has a trot with her dog walker in the afternoon and is waiting at the door when her owner arrives home from work. Daisy has dinner following a quick walk, and reluctantly allows her owner to eat dinner before they take a longer walk and play ball. Daisy’s owner says “it’s a good life for both of us.” (09/12)

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Joined the LOL 7/2012

Tucker was adopted by his LRR family in April 2008. Tucker is a Labbie whose skills include nursing and gardening. With his owner recovering from surgery, Tucker is a busy guy. He is constantly at his owner’s side, attending to every need. When his owner is able to garden, Tucker assists by helping himself to cherry tomatoes. Tucker has a number of hobbies when not on duty; he visits doggie friends in the neighborhood, enjoys walks with family friends and neighbors, and loves to visit his human grandparents. Tucker is in good health for an older guy. He takes medication for arthritis and underactive thyroid, but it doesn’t slow him one bit! (07/12)

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Joined the LOL 4/2012

Doyle was adopted by his LRR family in July 2011. Have you ever seen a 10-year-old puppy? That’s Doyle. He’s in great health and doesn’t show his age at all. An early riser who eats breakfast at 5:30 a.m., Doyle spends his days napping and watching the neighborhood from a window. If there is an opportunity, he might do a little counter surfing. Doyle is quite the traveler, accompanying his owners to their vacation home in upstate New York and visiting the beach in Nags Head. Doyle also enjoys retrieving, watching TV, and helping his owners evaluate other Labbies for placement through LRR. (04/12)

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Joined the LOL 4/2012

Elway was adopted by his LRR family in November 2007. Elway is a very energetic senior Labbie and he makes his owner laugh every single day. He is still very energetic, despite some hip problems. But that doesn’t stop him from chasing tennis balls, swimming in the creek, or trotting along during his walks. Elway’s day starts early and he gets walks in the morning and before dinner. He recently began eating senior dog food and he loves it! Weekends are for special outings, like swimming or playing fetch. (04/12)

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Joined the LOL 2/2012

Abby was adopted by her LRR family in March 2007. She has 2 Labby brothers and they all help Dad with his breakfast at 4 a.m. Abby’s work begins when Mom get up at 7. She helps Mom open the hen house and feed the chickens. Abby’s next job is to chase squirrels, chipmunks and field mice from the yard; her world has plenty of animals! Mom works from home and Abby keeps her company, while making sure that the rest of the pack behaves. In the evening, everyone watches TV, eats popcorn, and takes long walks. Weekends are special for Abby, because that’s when her best friend, a beagle, comes to visit. They chase each other, her brothers, and neighborhood critters until they drop with exhaustion! (02/12)

Abby crossed the Rainbow Bridge 9/30/2016.



Joined the LOL 1/2012

Toby was adopted by her LRR family in August 2006. He moves a little slower these days, but still loves to chase tennis balls and romp in the yard. His day starts with breakfast and playtime outside with his doggie siblings, Cody and Eva. He greets everyone who walks by on the trail next to his yard. When his human siblings are ready for school, he gets a few more minutes in the yard. After goodbye kisses, Toby climbs into his lounger, where he naps and watches squirrels. Every Wednesday, Toby goes to doggie daycare for a day of playing with doggie friends. At night, Toby naps on one of the many dog beds scattered throughout the house. Even all those dog beds don’t stop him from trying to sneak into bed with Mom and Dad! (01/12)



Joined the LOL 1/2012

Macy was adopted by her LRR family in February 2009. Her day revolves around her family. She awakens early, along with her owner and Labbie sister, Amber. After a trip outside that includes chasing away birds and squirrels, Macy eats breakfast, then helps her human brothers and sister prepare for school. They give her a quick walk outside before departing. When the family returns from school and work, Macy eagerly greets them with much happy barking. Then it is outside for a run. After dinner, Macy loves just being with her family. She might remove the stuffing from a chew toy and sometimes sneaks into her human sister’s bedroom to “borrow” a stuffed critter or 2. (01/12)