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Once upon a time there was a 3-year-old yellow female named Goldilocks …

That’s me! But they call me Goldie for short. I am crate-trained, up-to-date on all my shots, and spayed. I have a soft, almost white, coat and beautiful golden eyes.

I was turned into the shelter by my family because there were too many of us. What does that mean? Who knows, but it looks like I was a mommy recently and may have had some part in making too many of them. After a few days at the shelter my time was up. The Humane Society down there worked hard to find someone to take me. LRR took a quick look at my picture and decided to give me a chance.

I am a very playful and affectionate girl. I love all toys, balls especially. I amuse myself by rolling them around the house or yard and chasing them. I really like comfy dog beds and bring my toys back there to play. I get along well with my foster brothers and always have to be near one of them or one of my people. I give sweet, gentle kisses and love to be pet and hugged. I’m trying hard to learn some commands like “sit” and should have that down in no time since I’m such a good student!

These LRR foster homes are great, but I’m looking for a forever home that is “just right”! Do you think that yours might be a perfect fit?

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