1Badge ive been adopted


Hey there!!! I am little Lucy, the cutest little yellow lab you have ever seen! I weigh in at 55 lbs. I am cute, cuddly, sweet and goofy. I am spayed, have all my shots, I am on heartworm preventative and I am housebroken and crate trained. Oh, my foster mom calls me Lulu, I think it is an endearing name.

I had been swimming all day with my buddy. We were just taking a nap in the park when an animal control officer came to pick us up. Boy were we glad, we got to go the shelter in the air conditioning and we took a LONG nap. Then LRR came in and saw me… gosh am I cute! So they took me home when my owners didn’t come to get me.

I found out that my owners were moving, so they let me and my friend out that morning to go away, hoping that we would find new homes. What if we had been hurt or killed?! Oh well, thank goodness for the animal shelter and LRR.

Having fun is what I am doing in my foster home. I am playing with the dogs, getting hugged by my foster family and everyone says “oh she is sooo cute!”. Well, of course I am!

So, if you want a cute, sweet little labby, apply to LRR and come see me!!!

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