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Happy Day and Hello! My name is Brandy and I am a 4 year old spayed chocolate female, up to date on all my vaccines, housebroken and crate trained! Now I bet you are wondering how in the world a fabulous girl like me ended up in a shelter? Well I am not too sure about my back story, my owners gave me up at the shelter and that is all I am saying.

When I arrived at the shelter, it was clear, I had a pretty yucky skin infection that made me not so attractive to potential adopters, so the shelter gave a shout out to LRR and here I am! And even more fabulous if I may say so, the wonderful people at LRR fixed up my skin infection and I am feeling so much better. I have a few bald spots, but the hair is growing back, and if I may say so, adding some WONDERFUL highlights to my chocolate sheen!

So a little about me. Okay, well first, I hate to admit it, but I am “little” on the heavy side, but not to worry, I am working out everyday (hating every minute) and losing the weight. I don’t like to talk numbers, but…I weighed in at the shelter at 93lbs. Its been about 2 months and I am at about 80lbs right now. I do need to probably get down to about 65lbs. As part of my weight lose regime I am going on daily walks and I have been told I am very good on a leash! I have also been spending time running around in the backyard with my doggie foster brothers and sisters. One of my foster brothers is OBSESSED with the tennis ball, I don’t see the big deal. Sure I will run and make a good show at trying to get the ball, but it really isn’t my thing.

What I really love to do is hang out with my people. The closer I can be to them the better, especially in the kitchen. I love to snuggle and give kisses! I also love to hang out with the younger people in the family, they are just my size and the shower affection on me. It is so wonderful to be loved and hugged (I would really love it if I could get some treats out of them, but I can hear mom yelling from around the corner….not until I get my figure back). The kiddos run around with me and have used me as a pillow, I don’t mind. It is so nice to be loved. I let them do anything to me so long as they keep showering me with attention! I do have to be reminded NOT to play with their toys!

So are you asking, what’s my quirk? I have to admit, the first few days in a new place I am a little nervous. I spend some time panting and pacing, but eventually I settle down and hang out. My foster mom has described me as a pretty low energy dog. I can run around with the best of them, but after my workouts I love to flop on a dog bed and hang with my people. If I sound like your type of girl send in your applications I will be going through them looking for my fabulous forever family!

Hey everyone, I wanted to send everyone a quick update on myself now that I am well into my weight loss plan. So I have been in my foster home for a little over a month and the weight is really coming off. I am down to a sleek 72 lbs, but I still need to loss about 7 more lbs to make my goal weight! I am beginning to really enjoy my daily walks, don’t get me wrong, if you are looking for someone to run a 5K with you, I am NOT your girl, BUT, if you are looking for someone who loves to go out for walks, meet the neighbors, have a little chat here and there, I am your girl. I am more a social butterfly than a work-out buddy.

I am very good on the leash, sometimes I do pull when I see a squirrel, but nothing uncontrollable. I am loving living indoors with my family. I am getting the hang of dog beds! At first I had no idea what those big inner tube like things on the floor were, then I discovered they were for me! I love to flop on them after a long day. I continue to settle nicely in the house, my foster mom thinks of me as a low to medium energy dog, which I have been told is a good thing. I am also learning to play with some of my foster brothers, of course I still play with my human foster brother and sister. They are so much fun and CUDDLY! I love snuggling with them, they even use me for a pillow sometimes..sigh…love them. At night I sit next to the bed and listen to them read before bed…All of this is great, but what I would love is a family of my own, someone to snuggle with and love. If I sound like your type of girl start sending in applications. I will reviewing them more closely looking for my perfect match.

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