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Happy new year everyone! My name is Ralphie and as you can see from my photos, I am a handsome black male Labrador Retriever! I can’t remember my exact birthday but everyone thinks that I am about 1 ½ years old. I do know that I am housebroken, crate trained, up to date on all my vaccinations and very healthy. Those are all important things, right? I am just the right size at about 65 pounds and probably will not get bigger.

No one knows much about my past, but somehow I found myself patrolling the streets of Washington, DC. Someone brought me to the shelter, where I stayed for a few more than a few days and made friends with the people and the other dogs. Then three ladies from LRR came to visit and we had a great time. We played outside and they gave me pets and treats. I showed them my perfect “sit” and how much fun it is to play ball with me. I liked everyone at the shelter but I’ll admit that I was pretty happy when they took me home with them. Now I am making my rounds of different foster homes so that I can decide what I want in my perfect family. Here is what I have decided so far…

First and most important is a family who will love me and take care of me forever. I’m told that all us LRR dogs get the “good life” and I want a family of my very own to love. I am a young boy and would particularly enjoy someone who can teach me everything that a good dog needs to know. I am learning the basics right now and my foster mom says I am doing very well. I am eager to make my people happy and I love treats so everyone at LRR says that I can learn lots. I really like to go for leash walks and would enjoy them even more if someone worked with me on something called “leash manners.” I think that means I’m not supposed to pull on the leash and most of the time I’m ok, but sometimes I get really interested in a sniff, a critter or another dog and I forget not to tug. I also LOVE to play – with people, with other dogs or with toys. I especially like toys that are for chewing and soft toys that I can carry around with me. All of us Labs need exercise and I’m no exception – but I settle very nicely in the house. That’s when I like to snuggle with my people – pets and belly rubs are the best! I like to lean in and get super close to my people so that it’s easy to rub my ears or scratch my back. I think that I fit perfectly in my foster mom’s lap; I don’t know why she laughs every time I try. At the end of the day, I sleep quietly all night in my crate or on a dog bed. Then I’m ready to rise and shine and greet the new day!

I haven’t had a chance to hang out with kids or cats – my current foster mom says that is next on my agenda. I can’t wait. So check back for updates on how I feel about them and in the meantime, I’ll be reading adoption applications – when I’m not busy playing or snuggling!

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