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Make sure to read my UPDATE 7/9/13 below: Happy Spring~ It’s almost beach time and I am nowhere near ready! My name is Gracie and I am about 3 years old. I am currently a plump 100.4lbs. I am housebroken, crate-trained, loved to play with other dogs and kids. I was given up to a shelter with another dog when my family deployed.

The folks at LRR pulled me from a shelter where I had been for a bit of time. I guess many adopters at the shelter were turned off by my weight. I missed my spay appointment because I didn’t fit into the truck ): Have no fear they got another transport for me, so I am spayed.

I may not be fit right now, but as everyone says, I have a cute face! I hear the snickers and the funnies that people make about my weight- like there is not much graceful about Gracie but I am going to make them all eat their words. I am on my way to a skinnier me. Ive done some reading and I know its horrible on my joints and my health to be overweight but us labs seem to add the pounds quickly. I am now on two square meals a day and a lot of running and playing with canine and human friends. I have already shed about 10lbs in 6 weeks.

There are a lot of websites out there to help with canine obesity which is a very prevelant problem. If your canine friend is a little chubby after the holidays, please, please help them take a few pounds off. A couple pounds make a huge difference in the health of your pet. Just sayin…..

I am a super girl with a super personality. My foster families are amazed that I am so active and playful but I am. I love to curl up with my family for a lot of loving too!

I am not ready to be adopted just yet because LRR wants to see a few more of the pounds come off me and make sure I am healthy first. In the meantime, take your canine out for a nice walk in my honor to get in shape a bit… But, come “real” spring, I will be hoping for another move to my forever home.

UPDATE: Its been about 3 months and I am doing wonderful! I have lost over 20lbs. My foster mom took me for a weigh in yesterday and I am a pudgy 80lbs right now. I have been running around the yard with the kids, the foster dogs, and even doing a little swimming. I need to lose probably 5 more pounds and tone up a little more. But I am looking so so much better not to mention how much better I feel.

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