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Bean, Beanbag, Jumping Bean….yes that’s really me. You can call me whatever you like, just as long as you don’t call me too late for dinner! I am a black male, probably about 1.5years old. I am probably a little more than a lab, I may have some flatcoat retriever in my geneology too. I am up to date on all my shots, negative for HW and Lyme and neutered. I am a tall but thin boy- I weigh only about 55lbs.

I was a stray to a shelter in the area, so not much is known about my history, but as they say, its history, so lets talk about now. My foster mom has quite a few good things to say about me. I am awesome in my crate and I do still need it, as I am just a youngster. I don’t bark and I don’t carry one. I do still chew and need to make sure bones and appropriate things are available for me to direct my teeth to.

I am a tad underweight but I love to eat, so we should be in good shape in a few weeks. I take my time to eat and am not possessive if you want to put your hands or take it from me.

I am still a young boy and need my exercise. I love to run, play with other active dogs. I can be a little annoying to the older dogs who don’t want me to play with them, but I am really just trying to find a friend! My foster mom took me to the dog park this weekend to see how I enjoy all of the other youngsters to play with. Let me tell you, I had an absolute blast playing with the other dogs. I had to crash in the car on the way home and I also took a nice nap that afternoon.

I am learning about toys. I have been watching the toys get thrown and then the other dogs run after them. I joined into the game and its kind of fun! I have started retrieving them and running them back to my crate for safe keeping. After I had stock piled 3-4 of them, my foster mom “stole them from me”. But I taught her when she threw them, I put them all back in my crate.

When I do settle down, I will sit or lay beside the couch and get some loving. I enjoy getting petting, but its all still a little new to me. I really don’t seem to have been given much human attention but it feels good. I particularly like getting my belly rubbed and sitting close. This is certainly something i could get used to!

There are a few things I still need to perfect and learn for sure. I do jump but i tend to jump more like a jumping bean than jumping up on people. I can also get a little mouthy when we are playing, but they are certainly working with me to remind me that its not appropriate behavior. So what I am looking for is someone to run me, whether you are a runner or your dog is an active dog that needs a companion.

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