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Hi there – my name is Syri! One of my foster moms calls me “Little Bear” because she says I look like a polar bear cub. That’s silly because I’m a yellow Labrador retriever, not a bear! I’m an English Lab, which doesn’t mean that I bark with a cute accent, but does mean that I’m shorter than American Labs and have a fantastic, heavy warm coat, a wide tail and a boxier snout. I am six years young, housebroken, crate trained, and up to date on all of my shots. Everyone says I’m a happy, wonderful girl, so it must be true!

I lived with my first family since I was a puppy. They decided to downsize, which I thought just meant that I needed to lose a little weight (more on that later). But it actually meant that they could not take me to their new home, so they called LRR. I’m having a great time getting to meet all these new people and new dogs. I can get along pretty much anywhere. I used to live with a cat and get along fine with them. I like other dogs, but I was an only dog in my first family and it’s ok if I’ll be your one and only too! Oh, and I’m great in the car. I’m happy to let you drive and I’ll ride in back and take a nap, or look out the window.

So about the downsizing… Like all Labs, I LOVE to eat. And since I’m so cute, I guess people just find it very hard not to give me treats, even when I don’t ask. (I’m very polite when you humans are eating and I don’t beg at all). So I had a few too many treats and a little too much food, and now I’ve lost my girlish figure. LRR took me to the vet who did a lot of tests and made sure that the only reason I was too heavy was because I ate a bit too much. So now LRR is helping me lose a few pounds so that I get down to my healthy target weight of 65 pounds. It helps that I love to play – with other dogs, with people or even by myself. One of my favorite things to do is to chase a ball that you throw for me. I will run and get it and bring it right back so you can throw it again. In addition to being so much fun, it’s great exercise for me. My other favorite thing is to go for walks. I can walk, and walk, and walk – as far as you want to go.

I’m very polite on my leash and even know to walk right next to you when you say “heel.” In fact, I know how to do a lot of things like “sit,” “lay down,” “come,” and “wait.”

Even though I like to be on the move, I also love to cuddle up and watch television with you, or take a nap while you are busy doing other things. I’m very good in the house and don’t disturb anything that isn’t mine. I also enjoy napping in my crate and will go right in when you tell me – sometimes I go in just because I want to! Oh – and the other thing I love just as much as playing and eating is getting belly rubs. I will roll right over so it’s easy for you to rub my belly. There just nothing as relaxing for you humans as petting a dog, so I’m happy to help you out by settling in for a good long belly rub.

So what do you think? If you’re looking for a happy, happy girl who has a lot of love to give, I could be your girl. Send in your applications – I’ll be watching for them (in between belly rubs, of course!).

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