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HELLO, I’m Dolly! You know the old song - “Hello Dolly”? Well, that’s exactly what my foster family said when they met me. I am a very petite girl, 55lbs, black, spayed, and oh so cute! I have all of my shots, I’m housebroken, crate trained, very quiet and sweet. I love other dogs, I’m good with cats. And I am about 1.5 years old, and in spite of that, I am a pretty calm, settled girl! Read my entire story please before you decide to apply on me!

Before I came to LRR I was in a shelter. But before the shelter I was in a home with kids and cats and dogs. My family gave me to the shelter, but no one knows why. What LRR does know is that I had recently had a litter of pups. No one knows where my pups went or what happened, because I was in the “night drop” at the shelter. Do you believe that! Why would anyone just take their family member to the shelter and put them in a night drop? That will always be a mystery, but read on and learn about me - you won’t be sorry!

LRR sprung me from the shelter after only one night there. That’s right, I was in the night drop and the next day I was with LRR. Thank goodness I didn’t have to spend anymore time there. The folks were nice, but I needed to get out and look for my puppies!

Yes, I wanted to find my puppies to feed them. I was so upset that I couldn’t find them. But I went home with the LRR family and they helped me get past this. I saw the vet and she said that my puppies were probably taken away just a day or so before I was taken to the shelter. I would hear the puppies down the street from my foster family and I’d run to the gate or fence to see if they were my pups. And inside, I’d just sit at the window wondering what happened.

After about a week, I was feeling better and I was starting to get my girlish figure back. I have had my family planning appointment, so no more pups for me.

Okay, my personality, I know you are just itching to know about me. My foster mom says I am such a good girl. I am little, small enough to be a cuddly lap dog, I love to give kisses, and I also love to chase my foster brothers. Well, I run and chase them, then I pass them by and they chase me. We have so much fun. All that exercise has really helped me get my figured back.

I love to go for car rides, I am pretty good on a leash, and I am just a nice, settled girl. A nice medium energy dog is what I am. So far, I haven’t even chewed on anything except dog toys- my foster mom says thats great for a young girl like me. Remember I am only about 1 year old, and some days, I might act like a wild child outside, but I am pretty well behaved inside.

Okay, you got me, every rescue dog has to have at least one little problem, so here’s mine. I am shy when I meet people. I don’t know what people plan to do to me, so I stand back, I may say “Woof” and watch you for a bit. BUT, as soon as you pass the test, I’m ready to be in your lap, give you kisses, and play with you. Why do I do this? That’s what the LRR folks wanted to know too. So they did some research and learned that a lot of my behavior is border collie behavior, and they learned that border collies can be all black. Well, with that information came more research, and I even spent some time with a behaviorist who said I act like a border collie.

So, LRR continued to watch me and has done more and more research on border collies and everyone (including a few border collie people) are convinced that I am a lab/border collie mix. I look more like a lab and act more like a border collie. So, I am sensitive to motion and I herd. With that said, I am NOT everyones dog - I need a very special home, I need an experienced dog owner, preferably one that has dealt with both labs and border collies. There must be one out there somewhere!

What I need is someone that will take me places and socialize me a lot like the rescue has been doing. Also someone that knows border collie behavior and how to work with it. I do love people and want to be with them. When I meet people, I want them to let me check them out, sniff them, look at them before they run up and pet me. I’d like a calm household, one that doesn’t have a lot going on so I don’t feel the need to herd. I’d love to have a person that loves to cuddle and I’d REALLY love another dog to play with.

If you have a household like I need, please let LRR know. I am looking forward to meeting new people and getting out and about more, and don’t forget I want another dog to play with.

I know that someone out there would love to have a border collie in a lab body!! I’ll be waiting patiently and will continue to learn to bring out my lab behavior while I spend time with LRR.

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