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Hi there, my name is Billy! I am a 1 year old, neutered black male. My brother is Taz. I have all of vaccinations, I’m housebroken and crate trained. I love other dogs. I am very calm and settled for a youngster, so don’t let my age keep you away and I weigh in at about 70lbs.

Taz and I were kept as outside dogs and unfortunately the family who had us provided us with substandard accommodations. The local Animal Control visited a number of times trying to improve our living conditions and after a while realized we would be better off not in that environment. Towards the end, we lived at the end of a chain. The Shelter people realized what great guys we are so they contacted LRR and now we are living the life. We are very happy to be with LRR - we have so many new friends to play with and we love being indoors with people!

When I got to my foster home I didn’t really know much about toys. But I am learning. Tennis balls, squeeky things, and hard rubber toys to chew on - what fun they all are. My foster family had a little swimming pool that the dogs all got into, I wanted to get in, but I have never seen anything like it before - so I didn’t try it out. But I plan to get my feet wet one of these days soon.

The other dogs at my foster home would go out in the yard and run like the wind. At first, I wondered why they were doing that, then I decided to run after them. It was weird, they were just chasing each other - not a game I ever played before - after all, living at the end of a chain didn’t allow us to move around the yard much. Well, after a few days, I realized that this was a fun game, and I played chase for a little bit every day!

So, my perfect home would have someone in it to play with me, someone to hug me, and most of all, I don’t ever want to live outside or at the end of a chain again. Taz and I want the kind of life that LRR dogs get to have–we want the good life!

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