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Howdy folks! I’m Dallas. Yep, named after the City of Dallas, Texas. Nope, I’m not a cowboy - I’m a black lab. My DOB is 4/11/2007. I weigh 71 lbs, I am neutered, housebroken, crated trained and I know lots of commands. I am a medium to high energy boy.

I came to LRR because my Mom has become very ill. She has had to have many surgeries and she is very weak and can’t take care of me. Since Dad has to take good care of Mom it was really hard for him to take care of me too. So, I suggested that I go and live with the folks at LRR. I had heard that they were good folks and would find me a new home that was as good as the one I would be leaving.

My people have always loved dogs - and they used to be puppy raisers for a service dog organization. So, they learned to teach us labs how to behave. My Mom taught me so many really good things - I know lots of commands and I can do them very well. LRR says she did a great job!

Well, I’m here with LRR. They have been really good to me. I have lots of dogs to play with, I have a crate to rest in (I do love resting in my crate); I have toys to play with and people that are working hard to make sure that I am happy.

More about me. I can be everything from calm, settled and cuddly to high energy - blasting around playing ball. I have lots of expression, I love people and other dogs, I am well behaved, but I can be a little bit of a pest when I want to play ball. BUT, just tell me “Mat” and I’ll go lay down on my dog bed, or tell me “Kennel” and I’ll go in my crate and rest. I give high fives, I give paw, my best best command is “leave it”. That’s right - “leave it”….you can put my food bowl on the floor for me, tell me to leave it, and walk away - but please, don’t forget to tell me OK…or I’ll sit and wait patiently for you to remember I want to eat…and every lab loves to eat! I walk nicely on a leash as long as you use my Gentle Leader collar…I’m not crazy about it, but wearing it means I get to go for walks.

I do have one thing I do that is annoying, or so LRR tells me. I get so excited when people come home or if I meet someone new that I jump up, I just want to give them kisses. Everyone has tried very hard to teach me not do this, but I cannot contain myself, so wherever I go, this is one thing that will need work. You know its like excitement at Christmas or birthdays when you are getting a present…well I love people, and I can’t help myself. I may not be the best for little children because of this, I’d probably knock them over.

Alright here is what I want in my new home, first, really nice people, and I want a toy bucket as big as Texas; toys, balls, and more toys. I want a nice big comfy crate, a nice soft dog bed, and I want to play ball, or go to a dog park a lot to run and play ball with the other dogs. I need daily exercise - so a fenced yard where a person could throw the ball for me would be really nice!

If you think I could be your kind of lab, let LRR know. If LRR thinks that we might make a good match and you come to meet me, please remember that people are like presents to me - so I get excited. Be patient and I’ll show you all of my toys, and I’ll show you what a well behaved boy I am.

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Dallas great face
Dallas shaking toy
Dallas bringing back the ball
Dallas waiting for a throw