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Hi there, I am Bella - yes, I am a cute yellow female - my birthdate is 11/19/04, I am spayed, housebroken, crate trained, have all my vaccinations and I am good with other dogs and I am great with kids. At 61 lbs I am a petite little girl and I am medium energy.

I came to LRR by way of a local animal shelter. My owner went away some where and left me with his girlfriend. After some time passed she gave me to the shelter. The shelter folks were so impressed with me that they immediately called LRR. They raved about what a good girl I was so here I am, LRR took a chance on me.

I am very settled inside, I do love a good cozy couch or chair - dog beds are for dogs, and I do not fit in that category. I am very quiet, I don’t play with toys much, but I do love to play chase in the yard. After a game of chase, how about watching TV and snuggling on the couch - sound good to you?

Going for leash walks is one of my favorite things. And I walk perfectly on a leash. I’ll just mosey along on the leash taking in the sights. I also love to be close and give kisses, nice gentle kisses. And before you know it, I’ll be in your lap. Nothing like a nice walk and then a nice nap in someones lap afterwards.

Like some of the other dogs - I do have a few little quirks, they aren’t too bad, so don’t stop reading. First, I am very smart, so I know how to open gate latches. If I am left outside alone, I will open the gate and I’ll find someone that wants to be outside with me. Next, I like to play chase so much that sometimes getting me to come inside becomes a game for me–I just get so excited about being outside and playing. I don’t think they like chasing me around the yard in the snow. LRR sent me to a foster home with a wood fence. I didn’t try to open the gate there, but I am sure that I’ll be testing every gate I can at first.

When I got to LRR I had a little hernia and I had a broken tooth. I had the hernia fixed, and my tooth pulled and I am feeling so good that I can’t describe it. These things have been bothering me for a while…and the vet says I am ready to go.

If you like to cuddle, like nice labby kisses, and don’t mind a game of chase in the yard from time to time, put in an application. We have a committee of labs that check the apps over every day - they’ll be keeping an eye open for someone that will suit my fancy.

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