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My name is Odie. I am a 4 year old, yellow male, I weigh 76 lbs. I am neutered, have all of my vaccinations and I’m on heartworm preventative. I’m housebroken, good with dogs, crate trained (but not thrilled with the concept) and I love comfort.

I ended up in a shelter because I was running astray; I had a nice collar, but had no tags and no micrchip - no ticket back home. No one really can figure out why no one came looking for me since I am well behaved, have a great personality, and I was obvisouly well cared for. I was already neutered and had nice short nails. I guess my owners didn’t want me, I keep looking out the windows in my foster homes, hoping I’ll see them, but I never do. I’m now looking for a new forever family.

Now about my personality. I love to be comfy and cozy on the couch or in a nice soft chair. I really like other dogs, and I like to play with them - I love surprising them with a quick bouncy play bow….wow that will get the other dogs going!

At my first foster home, I would sit in my foster mom’s chair. I’d fall asleep and even fall out of the chair. Be sure to check out those pictures. The folks at LRR just don’t understand the importance of being really relaxed! At my next foster home, I’d get so happy and need something to carry -the water bowl was within reach - yes, I did pick it up and sorry - I spilled the water.

As you can see from my photos, I am a happy smiling boy! I love life, I love people and again, love comfort! I am a pretty settled and calm boy. I can play hard with the other dogs, but then I like a nice nap on the couch.

Okay, lets be honest, every dog has something about them that isn’t desirable. I am a fence jumper. I MUST have a 6 foot fence. And one more thing- I am quick when it comes to sneaking out of doors. The family that would adopt me must have a secure fenced yard and be willing to help me learn that I don’t need to escape from fences or doors.

I did surprise the folks at LRR - I am not food motivated. Nope, its a necessity, but I am not like those other labs that drool and get really excited at meal time.

I would love to have a home with other dogs to play with. I want a really comfy couch or chair and I want a new family that will help me forget my old family.

Are you ready to help me move my life forward? Are you ready to develop a bond with me and become my new best friend? I’m ready for those things, so fill out your application, I’ll be screening them. And remember, a 6ft secure fence is a required.

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Odie squinting
Odie sleeping in chair
Odie hanging off chair
Odie falling out of chair
Odie in chair
Odie looking out window
Odie at window