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Greetings! My name is Riley. My birthdate is 3/2/05, that makes me just about 3.5 years old. I am a yellow male, I’m neutered, have all my shots, I’m housebroken, crate trained, and good with other dogs.

Right now I haven’t been tested with cats or kids, so once the rescue does those tests, we’ll post that on info for you all. The LRR people won’t take anybody’s word, they want to see for themselves.

In the meantime, let me tell you my story. I had an owner that got me from a breeder. My owner got me neutered, and took pretty good care of me. But you see, my owner would put me outdoors alone and I would run away. No, I didn’t jump the fence, there wasn’t one. I looked for some fun just one too many times and I ended up in the shelter.

When I got to the shelter, they put me in a cage and noticed that I had some itchy red spots on me, they weren’t sure what it was. Then guess who showed up at the shelter - yep, my owners, but they didn’t want me back- I loved them, I was devastated. They told the shelter folks that I would run away when I was left outside in the unfenced yard. They also told them that I have an allergy to wheat. The shelter staff found out a little too late, I had been eating regular food and it had wheat in it - boy was I itching!! Quick like bunnies they put me on some food for my allergies. My itching subsided and I was doing pretty well.

Wouldn’t you know, some nice people came along and wanted to adopt me. They were approved AND they were told about my antics and my wheat allergy, and they took me home anyway. Gosh I was excited!

Whoops - I wasn’t quite what they expected. I pull on the leash, and I started itching - again! Not that there is anything wrong with Ol’ Roy dog food, but I had a horrible allergic reaction. After being there for about 6 weeks, they took me back to the shelter - yes I had 6 weeks of the wrong food. Do you know what that wrong food did to me - it made my skin red, I was itching and scratching my feet and my face, it was awful.

As you would expect I was happy to get back to the shelter, I got the really good food with no wheat in it. I started to get better, the itching subsided.

Lots of people came to the shelter to visit me, but no one took me home. One day, the LRR people came. We went outside, I climbed up on the bench, sat between them and tried my best to let them know I was ready to leave…well, they couldn’t resist my great face and dynamic personality. So, here I am.

My foster family got me some special wheat and corn free food and treats to control my allergy. They took me to the vet and for now, we are playing it by ear. I’m not itching a lot, and we are just waiting and watching for now. I’ll keep you all posted on that allergy situation.

I just heard on the news tonight that 3 million children in the US have food allergies, WOW, I have lots of company. Do you think that 3 million dogs have food allergies? What a horrible thought!! (6/12/08 ALLERGY UPDATE NOTE FROM LRR: Riley was tested and is allergic to some tree and weed pollen. It can be managed with medication during the allergy season or as needed for itching.)

My foster Mom says that I am very low key, She also says that I am well behaved, and that I have a great squishy face! She’s always hugging me. I love being with my foster parents, I follow them and lay at their feet and they always talk to me. What could be better than having people that love you!

Would you like to meet me? I hope that someone will want me–people want those 3 million kids with allergies, so why not 1 gorgeous yellow lab with an allergy?? I’d love to go to obedience school, and have a family that doesn’t mind buying me special food and treats. I’ll be looking for applications, send yours in today! I told LRR to look out, there might be 3 million of them- how awesome would that be?!

UPDATE ON MY ALLERGY: LRR had me tested to find out what I am allergic to. Well, it seems that my original owners just took a guess, wheat is NOT a problem for me. I can eat any thing I want - how cool is that!!

We found out that I am allergic to some Trees (from mid March to the end of May) and to some weeds (from mid August to the mid October). I take some medications, a few pills daily to keep me from itching.

I sure hope that my allergies don’t keep me from being adopted! My current foster Mom says that they are NOT a big deal.

Oh one more thing - my current Foster Mom found out that I don’t like to swim–but I love to relax by the pool - see my new photo! So, I hope you aren’t looking for a water dog.

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