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My name is Buddy. I am a 6 year old, yellow male. I am neutered, good with dogs and kids, and cats. I was given up by my owners.

I have actually had 3 owners in my lifetime, none that bad, I guess that they just had other important things in their lives besides me. They did some strange things, like dock my tail, and not let me drink water inside the house, but they didn’t abuse me or anything.

The person that watched me be born (the breeder) gave me to a friend. The friend kept me for a while, then gave me back. Then the breeder gave me to a family member. Well, they are the ones that had my tail docked. YES, I know that labs are not supposed to have their tails docked. They docked my tail so that I wouldn’t hurt the kids with my tail when it wagged. I lived with other dogs and with small children.

So, here I am with LRR. I have been staying in a foster home with lots of nice soft dog beds, which is really nice for my calloused elbows. And I have another big dog here to play with - which is fun, since I am a BIG boy. Yes, I weigh 115 lbs, and I am tall. NO, I’m not fat, nor am I fluffy, I am just a nice big, solid, gentle boy.

Alright, here’s the scoop. I am a great dog, I am happy, gentle, housebroken, crate trained, good with dogs and kids, quiet, well behaved and pretty darn close to perfect. I keep wondering why anyone would give up a great guy like me!!

My one downfall, I become a big baby when it storms, BUT, I just need a place to hide my head or a nice lap to lay in. I am sure that someone out there can supply one or both of those things, right? The lap would be greatly appreciated - storm or no storm.

Well, I guess I have to go now and move on to my next LRR foster home, more evals, more fun, more dogs, more kids - I can’t wait!

I’ll be expecting the applications to roll in, and each time there is a good one, I will wag my little stump of a tail. I am so looking forward to meeting and greeting those potential families with good soft dog beds and nice laps and especially one that wants to keep me for the rest of my life! So, if you meet the qualifications, send in your application today.

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