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Hi folks, I am Teresa (as in Mother Teresa), but everyone calls me Terry. You will have to read on to learn how I got my name! I am 2-3 years old, yellow female, housebroken, good with dogs and I am spayed and have all of my shots.

How did I get my name? I am sure you want to know! Well, I lived in the same place that Abby lived. Our Mom got sick and couldn’t care for us. I happened to be pregnant. I went outside one day and had my pups in the cold and all alone. I took very good care of them, but I couldn’t get back inside and my babies were cold so I stayed with them. I was a very good momma, hence - I became Mother Teresa because I worked miracles with those pups keeping them warm and safe.

Anyway, some nice people came and got me and the pups, and took us to a nice warm shelter where we could be warm and cozy. I was able to take care of the pups until they were old enough to leave me. They all got new homes and are doing great!

I am now with LRR and I am having such fun. Abby and I love to go out and play with Freckles - the big goofy Great Dane, we love to lounge on the couch and in the sun. Of course, I am still working at getting my shape back, so exercise is important, but it won’t be long until I am a beautiful girl again.

My foster mom says that I am a good medium energy girl. I love to run and play, but I am a good cuddler too. And, I will take on the energy level of my doggie mates, if they are rowdy and nuts, I will be too, but if they are chilling out and resting, I can do that too. I am a very well rounded girl.

Oh, I have a few issues too, like Abby, I don’t like the crate much. But I am learning and I go in and rest comfortably. And when I want out of the crate, I whine…my foster Mom always asks me if I want some cheese with my whine…I don’t get it, I never get any cheese. If she is giving out cheese, I will glady take some!

What do you think - could I fit into your home and your lifestyle? If you think so, please send in your application. Abby and I, with the help of Freckles, will be screening applications as they come in. We’ll look for yours!

MY UPDATED INFO: The rescue has learned that I have a bit of separation anxiety. It isn’t really bad, but it is important that my new family be aware of it and be prepared for it. I would prefer to be with another dog, that seems to help me a lot, If possible being with a person thats home a lot would be nice too, but not totally necessary. The only bad thing I have done is chew up the pan in my crate, thank goodness my foster Mom and Dad don’t get mad at me. They really love me and said that they will continue to work with me to make me more confortable.

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