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My name is Abby. I am a beautiful female English Labrador. I am 2-3 years old, chocolate, housebroken, good with dogs, have all my shots, I am spayed and my foster Mom says I am “no assembly required”. I am considered to be a medium energy dog, I can run and play and chase tennis balls, and come in and take a long nap.

I came from a shelter that took me in when my Mom got too sick to take care of me. I lived with lots of other dogs and I had a good home. So, other than losing my home, I don’t have a bad story.

My foster family says that I am pretty well adjusted, and they really like me. I love to play with my friend Freckles, the big Great Dane, we have fun running in the yard. Oh, and Terry came from the same home, but she had to leave sooner than I did. Be sure to read her story too.

I am a bit overweight, and a weight watchers program would do me good, I need to lose about 15 pounds. But I am well on my way to being sleek and slim! Whoever adopts me will have to help keep me around 75 pounds—sorry to say, no extra treats!

I do have one little issue - I don’t particularly like to go in my crate. Yes, I go, and I am quiet, but it isn’t my favorite thing. Soft dog beds, cozy sofas…those are the places I like to be. Oh, and one more little issue, I snore really loud.

But other than those few things, I am a great girl! And I am waiting for a new home. Send in your application, I will be reviewing them very soon!

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