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“Wilson”, that’s what they call me. I am a handsome, chocolate boy, about 3 years old. I am neutered, housebroken, up to date on my shots, crate trained and I love people.

Want some history? Here it is! I was found as a stray at a campground. They think that someone just dumped me there and had no intention of coming back for me. I was heartworm positive and I had Lyme disease.

The people that found me were really nice people. They took me home with them, took me to the vet, took care of me and paid for all the treatment for my heartworms.

Unfortunately, after all of that care they gave me, they decided that they didn’t want another dog, so I was turned in to a shelter. It was awful there, I was in a cage and the dogs all around were barking. But I knew that if I could just hold out a bit, the family would come back for me, or some one wonderful would come for me. But no one came.

The shelter called LRR and the nice people there took me. They finished up my recovery period from my heartworms, they got me neutered, and they started treatment for lyme disease. Boy am I feeling good now! The doctors say I am a healthy boy. I am a happy, perky boy. I love kids, I love dogs, and I love just being part of a family. Oh, and a good cuddle with a human isn’t too bad either!

If you think I could be a good fit into your family, please send in an application. I keep telling the LRR people to watch out, the apps will come flying in once everyone sees my great little face!

My perfect home….one that loves me!

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