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Hello! I am a fat little English girl, yes, named Fergie! Boy am I cute - or so they tell me. I am black, short, boxy and as cute as I can be! I need to lose a few pounds - gee, can you recommend a good diet for me??

Oh, I am 3 years old, housebroken and crate trained. I get along great with other dogs, I love my tennis ball, and I am goofy. I don’t get into things in the house except my toys and I would rather be petted then eat. But I have a very sad story.

I ended up in a shelter after my family died. I was found in their house all alone days after they had passed away, no one knew I was there. The shelter was called to come and get me and I was so scared and upset. I didn’t want to look at anyone or be touched, I just wanted my family back. LRR was called to get me, almost a month after I went to the shelter.

So, I am now in my first foster home. I have other dogs to play with, I get petted a lot and I really like that. LRR thinks I was a “mama’s girl” cause I love to be hugged by the ladies, but I love to have the men play ball with me. I can be a bit silly, I toss my tennis ball around, I play bow at the other dogs to get them to play, I even play bow at people - gosh they seem surprised! I am pretty settled in my foster home, they really like me.

I won’t be ready for a new home for a while. I need to be spayed, get some shots and I need more evaluation to find out if I like kids, cats and other stuff. It is so cool that they do that, and I am not going to tell them too soon since I am having so much fun (I think I need more evaluation!) LRR says I should be ready to go sometime in early February, so if you think I might fit into your family, be sure to apply soon!

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