Dog Names

We often get asked “what’s a good name for my dog?” Well, here at LRR we have to name lots of dogs, since most of the dogs we place for adoption were strays and can’t tell us their names. We’ve collected a list of some names for male and female dogs, which you can use to help name your dog! Remember, your dog (unless it’s already middle-aged) will be with you for 10-15 years, so choose wisely!

If you have some great suggestions for other dog names, feel free to send them to us at

Boy Dogs

Abner, Ace, Andy, Apollo, Bailey, Barney, Bear, Bert, Bill, Blue, Boomer, Bradley, Bruce, Bubba, Buster, Caesar, Cal, Captain, Chance, Charlie, Chester, Clancy, Cody, Coleman, Cooper, Cosmo, Dempsy, Dino, Dixon, Dubya, Duke, Ed, Einstein, Elvis, Ernie, Felix, Frank, Fred, Gabriel, Gordon, Grant, Harry, Herbie, Herschel, Homer, Hoover, Ike, Isaac, Jack, Jackson, Jake, Jester, Jimmy, Jinx, Joey, Jo-jo, Kiefer, King, Kirby, Kramer, Lincoln, Linus, Louie, Lucky, Luke, Magic, Majic, Major, Merlin, Mickey, Mike, Mitch, Monty, Murphy, Ned, Newman, Nicky, Nicodemus, Nike, Norman, Oscar, Otto, Patton, Patrick, Phil, Phoenix, Prince, Radar, Ranger, Riley, Ringo, Ripken, Rocket, Roscoe, Rover, Rufus, Sam, Sammy, Sandy, Scooter, Sherlock, Sherman, Skipper, Snickers, Spencer, Spooky, Spot, Steve, Tango, Tigger, Titan, Trekker, Tucker, Wallace, Watson, Webster, Wilson, Winston, Zander, Zen, Zeus

Girl Dogs

Abby, Allie, Amanda, Amber, Anita, Annie, Ashley, Audrey, Bess, Bethany, Betsy, Brandy, Brook, Chelsea, China, Chloe, Cookie, Corey, Cricket, Dana, Danielle, Darcey, Debbie, Deidra, Ellie, Emily, Emma, Faith, Faye, Garbo, Goldie, Grace, Heidi, Honey, Hope, Jenny, Jessie, Josie, Katie, Lizzie, Lola, Lucky, Lucy, Maggie, Marilyn, Mickie, Missy, Molly, Nina, Patti, Pearl, Peggy, Pennie, Phoebe, Piper, Rosie, Sally, Sandy, Sara, September, Shadow, Shasta, Sheba, Shelby, Sophie, Stella, Sunny, Suzi, Tilley, Tootsie, Tori, Traci, Velvet, Venus, Zoe

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