Giving up your dog to LRR

Are you no longer able to keep your Labrador Retriever, and need to find a new home for him or her? LRR may be able to help.

LRR currently accepts a limited number of “owner give-up” purebred Labrador Retrievers into our adoption program. We accept dogs 18 months old to 6 years old. We do not accept any dogs over the age of 6.

Unfortunately, LRR receives more calls and emails from owners to surrender their dog than LRR can accept. Thus, LRR is not able to guarantee that we will accept your dog into our program. If your dog is accepted into our program, LRR becomes the full and rightful owner of the dog and will make any and all decisions regarding the dog.

If you are ready to give up your Labrador Retriever to LRR, please fill out our Dog Surrender application, provide all information, and upload the photos and documents requested in the application.

Before filling in this form, be sure you have reviewed our Service Area. Applications from outside our service area can not be processed. Thank you!

Dog Surrender Application

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