Congratulations 2009 CGC Recipients!

Kudos to our Canine Good Citizens for 2009!

The 2009 picnic was a smaller, more intimate soiree than in years past but it was still a pleasant and celebratory affair. Eight guests partook in the superb advice and guidance of our Master of Ceremonies and CGC evaluator, Bevalee Crawley, with six participants being awarded Canine Good Citizen status at this year’s event. Many thanks go to Bev for the extra time and direction she afforded each entrant as they progressed through the evaluation. Fans and onlookers applauded as Madison was the first to walk away with top honors after her hard work and dedication during obedience classes this past year in preparation for evaluation. Remarkably, Chloe practiced well during her break from the evaluation to perfect her “Stay on Command” to come away with the coveted award. At thirteen years young, Cinder travelled from Wisconsin to grab the spotlight and fame with her stunning performance! Also, the brilliant work of Chandler, Annie and Heather thoroughly entertained the audience at the lower pavilion. Honorable Mentions go to Wrigley and Max for their strong attempts to master the test criteria although time constraints did not allow them to return to the stage to display their proficiency. High regards go out to everyone for their courageousness to participate in the evaluation even though most had not planned nor practiced prior to the event but rather performed on cue, cold, as walk on performers. We look forward to having more dogs to “walk the red carpet” at future picnics to achieve the honor of Canine Good Citizen!

Congratulations to all!


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