Congratulations 2008 CGC Recipients!

Canine Good Citizens are batting 1000!

This year, our Labbies went fourteen for fourteen with everyone evaluated for CGC making the passing team! What a great way to conclude our 15th Anniversary year with all the dog players getting a grand slam to achieve Canine Good Citizen status. Although many of the players came out of spring training prepared and pre-registered for CGC evaluation, we had a number of walk-ons who also made the team even though they had not expected to be evaluated or to do so well. In fact, one returning player from last year worked hard over the off-season and received the “Most Improved Player” award for his efforts! Way to go, “T”! We also had a late season trade with a player who came over from Search and Rescue to provide long ball power to round out the team.

Our umpire and AKC certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the 2008 season was Bevalee Crawley. She did an excellent job “behind the plate” to call every evaluation and all of them were winners. Thanks Bev for your good judgment and fair calls for all the dog players and for not postponing the “game” due to rain.

Peanuts, Cracker Jacks and Hot Dogs! What a great day at the park!


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