Congratulations 2007 CGC Recipients!

Way to go, Labbies and Friends!

For a small picnic, we had a great turn out for the Canine Good Citizen evaluations again at the LRR 2007 Picnic! Ten out of twelve passed, including one dog who is nearly 14 years old! In addition, a non-Lab participated this year, so every dog is welcome to give CGC a try. Congratulations to all the dogs and handlers who made CGC part of their picnic fun.

Many thanks go to Julie Jacobus, AKC certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, for her patience and kindness to “go with the flow” in our last minute change of venue to the meadow area under the trees. Julie performed another excellent job evaluating and coaching the first timers to CGC. Everyone, whether their dog passed or not, came away with a better understanding of their dog and an enjoyable experience.

LRR is proud to provide this service to our adopters and we are so happy that so many are willing to give this new experience a go. In the future, don’t be shy, give CGC a try!


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