Congratulations 2005 CGC Recipients!

LRR is very proud of the success of the Labs and their handlers who attempted the Canine Good Citizen evaluation at this year’s annual picnic. Seventeen dogs passed the test to become Canine Good Citizens! Several of the adopters had not planned or trained to be evaluated and thought that their dog would not pass. However, they soon found out that the evaluation is very simple and that most Labs (and especially LRR Labs) can pass with minimal training since Labs are usually good-natured dogs anyway. We encourage all our adopters to work with their dogs to be well mannered and in control, key qualities of a Canine Good Citizen.

LRR would like to thank Julie Jacobus, AKC certified CGC evaluator, for her time and expertise in administering the test. She made all the adopters and their dogs comfortable with the procedure and guided them to success. She also offered training advise to the handlers if their dog did not pass this year so they can work on training for the future.

The Canine Good Citizen evaluation was a great addition to the fun at the picnic. Hopefully, more Labs and their adopters will give it a try in the years ahead!


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