Loyal Order of Labradors™

The Loyal Order of Labradors™ (LOL) was established in 2003 by Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. (LRR) to provide assistance to Adopters and their Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. dogs aged seven years or older.

If your LRR-adopted dog is now 7 years or older, read about how to sign up for the Loyal Order of Labradors™.

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Joined the LOL 2/2017

Nigel enjoys an early breakfast. Then he meanders around his yard, looking for anything that may be of interest to a curious Labbie. After all that work, it’s time for a morning nap. By 9:00 AM, he is energized again and walks through the neighborhood with Mom and his furry brother, followed by another nap. And then — much excitement when his human brother arrives home from school! There is time for another short nap before dinner. Nigel pushes the dinner hour earlier and earlier with each passing year. Soon, dinner will be served at noon. After a nice evening walk with Mom and Dad, Nigel is ready for a night snoozing on the sofa.

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Joined the LOL 2/2017

Duchess Daisie Duke has almost mastered cuteness at its highest level – perfection! She works very hard to achieve it. Daisie Duke eats breakfast and has an early morning walk in the park, finishing both quickly so that she can rest and practice being cute. She has another walk in the park in the early afternoon, followed by more practice. Dinner at 5:30 is followed by another walk and more practicing the cute stuff. When it is time for bed, she snoozes in her upstairs bed, curled up under her “Thomas the Train” blanket. The Duchess lives a great life!



Joined the LOL 1/2017

As Carrie has gotten older, she likes to play and rest hard with a bit more sleeping. Her morning begins with coming downstairs for breakfast and having a morning potty break after the adults have gotten up and started their day. What she loves to do with her family is going for walks and going on camping trips where she gets to explore new places and meet new friends, both human and canine. Carrie loves most to snuggle with her family and wake her human brothers in the morning and give them kisses to help them start their day.

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Joined the LOL 2/2016

A very hungry early-bird Labbie in the morning, Luca is his family’s alarm clock. He wants breakfast! He sings, a mix of howling and barking, to get everyone’s attention. As soon as he finishes breakfast, he is back to his usual calm and lazy demeanor. Luca works hard at his owner’s side every day, usually with his eyes closed. He goes for a ride to pick up the kids at school and gets a long walk at lunch or after dinner. At night he often sleeps with the kids – all 106 pounds of Luca! His owners describe Luca as “born to be easy” and “an absolute joy since the day we got him.”

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Joined the LOL 1/2016

Bubs, an active 8-year-old labbie, loves the water. He swims once a week in a pool with his siblings – what a lucky guy! Generous Bubs helps other dogs by donating blood at a veterinary blood bank every six weeks. In addition to his doggie siblings, Bubs’ household has CATS!!!! Bubs tolerates them, but if they try to snuggle with them, he is afraid. He sleeps at the foot of his owners’ bed and is careful to not steal the covers.

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Joined the LOL 5/2015

Gianna was adopted in 2010 when she was about 3 years old. Nicknamed Gia, she is in excellent health. She has allergies that are controlled by medication and a grain-free diet. Gia is an early riser. She breakfasts at 4:45 a.m. after a walk around her neighborhood. Then she snoozes away the day on a Sleep Number bed until her owners arrive home from work. Her afternoon job is to walk to the mailbox and help her owner retrieve what the postman left. After dinner, she has another walk in the neighborhood. Weekends are spent at the beach or visiting with friends.

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Joined the LOL 4/2015

Evie is a 7-year-old Labbie who was adopted by her family at age 4. A regal girl, she was first dubbed “Princess. More recently, she earned a new nickname: “Her Most Serene Highness, Evie Louise Wigglesworth Thumper. Her Highness is beloved by neighborhood children who visit with her when she walks through the neighborhood with Mom and Dad. Evie is not an early riser and sleeps in with the latest waking family member. Her evenings are spent watching the Pet Channel, curled up with Dad. Evie’s health is good. Though Lyme-positive, she displays no symptoms.

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Joined the LOL 4/2015

Tara is a 10-year-old Labbie who has a 3-year-old sibling. Much like other big sisters, she tolerates – but no more - the young’un and her activity level. Tara is a constant companion to her parents and loves nothing more than to be with them. Her favorite activities are sleeping, eating, and barking at everything she sees outside. Her health is good despite a few lumps and bumps.

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Joined the LOL 3/2015

Dyna is a very generous, 7.5-year-old Labbie who has donated more than 35 pints of blood to a canine blood bank. She donates every 6 weeks. Dyna is in good health and to maintain her sleek figure, she swims twice a week at a local fitness center for dogs with her Labbie brothers, Brady and Bubs. She loves curling up for a snooze with the family cats and stealing the covers on Mom’s bed!

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Joined the LOL 3/2015

Sampson, known to all as Sammy, is a happy big boy. He weighs 101 pounds. His health is excellent, but to keep it that way, his family is trying to cut back on treats. Sammy is a lucky guy, because Dad works at home. He rises early for breakfast with Mom and squirrel patrol in the yard. He then prepares for the workday with Dad by taking a short nap. Sammy has a loaded toy bucket, but usually select his favorite – Nylabones, balls, and plush toys with a squeaker. His goal is to silence the squeaker on Day One! Sammy spends his evenings collecting hugs and belly rubs from Mom and Dad.

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Joined the LOL 2/2015

Winston is Daddy’s boy. Known to his family as Winnie, he rises early to have breakfast with Dad and his canine siblings, Kelby and Abby, at 6:00 a.m. When Dad is around, Winnie is his shadow. Some of Winnie’s favorite things are chasing tennis balls – always bringing them back for another round - and taking walks. But his most favorite activity is going for a ride in the car. After a fun-filled day, even this healthy 7-year-old Labbie is ready for a snooze – cuddled next to Dad, of course!

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Joined the LOL 8/2014

Kelby was adopted by his LRR family in August 2009, at the age of 2. Labby Kelby is an early riser. He has to be, in order to accomplish all that he can during his busy day! He breakfasts with Dad and helps to feed the chickens, assisted by his canine brother and sister. After chasing squirrels, he rests in the sun. Next, he may keep Mom company while she works or help Dad in the yard. Lunch with Nana is a must – yummy! Then Kelby has a walk or a meet-up at obedience school with his best girl, Ginger, the yellow lab. After dinner, he watches TV and then goes off to bed, sleeping between Mom and Dad and snoooooooring ever so loudly! (08/14)

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Joined the LOL 6/2014

Charlie was adopted by his LRR family in October 2012, at the age of 8. An early riser, Charlie starts with a quick trip to the yard and then in for a hearty breakfast. Back out to the yard then back to bed to snuggle with Mom until it is time to take Dad for a walk. After his walk with his 2 sisters it is back to bed for more snuggling. Then it is time to go back out to greet all the people and dogs walking by. Charlie loves to run and play with his sisters and often a foster dog. In the afternoon Charlie takes Mom for a walk then back home to chew bones and nap. When Dad gets home it is time for dinner, another walk and snuggling with Dad on the sofa until bedtime. Charlie has a very active day and says just because there is snow on the roof doesn’t mean there is no fire in the furnace. (06/14)

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Joined the LOL 4/2014

River was adopted by his LRR family on 1/1/11 at the age of 7 and his family thinks he is number 1. River is an early riser (5:30 a.m.) and it is a quick trip outside then in for a big bowl of dog chow. River then takes Dad for a long morning walk (45-60 minutes). After his walk River starts his job of napping and guarding the home while his family is at work. Evenings are Rivers favorite time, everyone is home and it is time for ball playing. River loves balls, tennis balls, soccer balls, footballs, but his favorite are squeaky balls. After dinner it is time for his evening walk and then home for snuggling time with his human brother and Mom. River loves to visit his extended family on MD’s Eastern Shore where he gets to swim - next to ball playing River loves swimming. For a 10 year old boy River is a very happy, healthy and active labbie. (04/14)

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Joined the LOL 1/2014

Jake was adopted by his LRR family in September, 2006. A Labbie providing taxi service for kittens? That’s exactly what Jake does for tiny foster kittens that sometimes stay at his house. He is a gentle big brother as he carries them around the house. Despite a recent diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma, Jake is a friendly, active, and happy boy. He loves car rides, especially if they include a visit to the bank’s drive-through window, and daily strolls around his community, where neighbors smile when they see him walk by. Jake’s mom works from home, so he has family members with him nearly 24/7. After an early breakfast with Dad, Jake heads back to bed with Mom until she gets up, then down the hall to cuddle with his human sister. During the remainder of the day, he helps Mom with her work and plays with his 2 feline siblings. Mom says that every day with Jake is a gift! (01/14)

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Joined the LOL 9/2013

Brady joins his LRR sister, Dyna, as a donor to a canine blood bank. An active LOL member, he awakes early each day to patrol his yard. He seeks out any and all critters, but especially turtles!! After breakfast, he has another stroll – you never know who may have arrived in the yard during his absence. Naps on the sofa fill his day, interrupted by the dog walker’s visit and Mom’s return from work. Brady loves to swim, which he does twice a week at a local doggie fitness center. Brady’s other big job is managing the LRR foster dogs that occasionally stay temporarily at his home.