What is a Rubit?

The Rubit Dog Tag Clip is just what you need for those times when you want to change collars but don’t want the hassle of moving the dog tags.


The Rubit (roo’-bit’) Dog Tag Clip makes this easy because it’s a clip that you attach the tags to. When you change collars, you just un-clip the Rubit from one dog collar and then clip it to the other collar. It’s easy!

It’s really important for dogs to wear their dog tags in case they get lost. Dog tags are their best chance to be reunited with you so make sure they wear them!


Rubit purchase

You can purchase online below through PayPal, or if you’d prefer, you can mail us a check or money order, along with your shipping address and list of what you’d like. Mail to Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc., P.O. Box 246, Palmyra, PA 17078

Price: $7.00 per Rubit Dog Tag Clip
Shipping: $1.40 for first, $0.75 each additional

Color and size:

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